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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Exercising is pointless if you're mentally unstable'

The star loves the great outdoors when it comes to clearing her mind.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens insists mental health is just as important is keeping the body fit.

The High School Musical star exercises almost every day when she is not booked for an acting gig, but the 28-year-old is convinced her pilates, yoga and SoulCycle classes are pointless if she doesn't focus on balancing her mind as well.

Asked to offer up her best wellness advice to fans, she tells The Cut, "Drink a lot of water, and also to take care of your mind. I think a lot of people get really stuck on trying to fix their bodies to be a certain way, but if your mental health isn’t at a place where you can love yourself, the whole thing’s pointless."

The Spring Breakers beauty clears her own mind by taking hikes.

"I love hiking," she shares. "I love just being outside; having a moment to myself to clear my head and get some fresh air. And also, going on vacations. I love going to places that are tropical, or forests, and really just taking the time to get to know the land and the environment.

"Just stop to take a moment to really take it in. I think it’s so centring, so grounding."

Vanessa is also a huge fan of outdoor music festivals and has become a regular Coachella party girl over the past several years.

"My favourite thing about music festivals are running around barefoot on the grass while I listen to music and making memories with new friends," she smiles. "I think it’s so healthy being able to get a release through music, because it’s not something that you need to think about. It’s almost like a spiritual experience."

However, Hudgens won't be caught without sunscreen when she's outdoors: "I don’t want wrinkles, so every time I go into the sun, I try to wear a lot of sunscreen."

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