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Vanessa Hudgens: ‘We express ourselves through our appearances’

Vanessa Hudgens meditates for five minutes to get herself back on track if she’s having a down day.

Vanessa Hudgens loves the versatility that comes with make-up and fashion.

The 28-year-old actress is known for rarely putting a foot wrong when it comes to both her day-to-day appearance and her red carpet looks.

As for how she preps her ensembles, Vanessa is all about embracing different personas through how she styles herself.

“For me it's like, if I Iike it, I'm going to do it,” she told “Because it's like, you only get one life, and the way we look is one way to express ourselves. You can become literally whoever you want to be for the day through your make-up and your hair and your fashion.”

Despite her picture-perfect appearance in public, the former High School Musical star admitted she does have her down days where she lacks confidence and self-esteem.

“I have days where I feel like c**p, and I feel hideous, and I want to hide under a rock and don't know what to wear and I just want to cry. We all have our days,” she sighed.

Whenever she has a day like that though, Vanessa has several methods to snap herself out of that mood.

“I take a deep breath. I try to meditate for five minutes to clear my mind of any negative energy,” she said, adding she takes things a step at a time afterwards and chooses her outfit carefully, starting with shoes and working from there.

Vanessa’s interview came after it was revealed she has teamed up with EcoTools, who make eco-friendly make-up brushes and beauty accessories, on the #MyTrueBeauty campaign – which encourages women to embrace their natural beauty.

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