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Vivienne Westwood makes bone bag

Dame Vivienne Westwood’s new range of bags is made from bones.

The fashion designer is renowned for her eccentric creations and in recent years has also hit the headlines after campaigning on environmental issues. Her latest work is with the International Trade Centre, and sees her employing people in Kenya to make her latest accessories collection out of recycled things.

Among the items are bags and keyrings, which will be included in her latest collection. Vivienne recently travelled to Nairobi to meet up with her workers there and complete a shoot, and was enthused by what she saw.

“And what’s really good is that the bags are all made from recycled materials. Yurr. Old tent fabric, flip-flops, even bones,” she explained.

Over the last few years Vivienne has been vocal about consumerism. She worries people are too obsessed with fast fashion and with buying the latest pieces cheaply. They then throw them away, which she says is bad for the environment.

She firmly believes people should spend more on one quality item than buy many cheaper pieces, but has trouble affiliating her viewpoint with her job as a designer.

“Well, it is a problem,” she explained to “Do I just close the business and say, ‘I’m closing the business because we should not be producing these things? And, um, that there’s too much rubbish in the world, too much stuff in the world?’

“OK. Now you’ve put me on the defensive, and I don’t like to be on the defensive. I do say whoever makes these clothes is getting a decent wage. Oh, I don’t know whether I should be doing it, really. I really don’t. Hmmm.”

One thing the star is clear on is bad fashion. She detests much of the high street and thinks people should be more picky when they choose what to wear.

“That cheap, horrible minidress look with footless black tights, the worst thing of all. People look so horrible in them. I hate them!” she said.

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