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Watch: Make-up masterclass - 5 tips for glamorous party make-up

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and each week he tells you all you need to know about latest make-up techniques and trends

By Paddy McGurgan

Social media is saturated with glamorous and glittering make-up looks at the moment - and here is my step-by-step guide to the perfect night-time smoky eye make-up look for your Christmas party this festive season.

Primed and ready

For winter, what all clients want most is longevity in their complexion and a smooth even finish on their base - and the most effective way to achieve this is through your primer choice. Choose a primer that will nourish the skin, but will not add oil or excess moisture. I love using Make Up Atelier Base Antishine Primer (£18.50, Make Up Pro Store), a mild mattifying primer that counteracts shine and mattifies areas where shine and oil would normally appear. I find this a total lifesaver, when I am creating night-time make-up, as I know this primer will give the client the all-night wear they need.

Revlon primer

I would also use a smoothing primer. Unless you are one of the Kardashians, you will have areas of textures and places on the skin that have raised pores, blemishes and so on. A smoothing primer is an amazing counteraction for this, as it is super lightweight on the skin but acts as a thin layer to even and smooth out the complexion. Revlon PhotoReady Pore Reducing Primer (£12.99) helps your make-up stay put whilst minimising the look of pores. It uses high definition filter technology to capture any light to mimic photo filters for a perfected selfie-ready look, minimising the appearance of pores to give a matte look and even out skin texture.

Glowing skin

Shideido's new Synchro Skin Glow (£32.00, John Lewis)

I was recently sent Shideido's new Synchro Skin Glow (£32, John Lewis) and I am in love. The first thing I do when I try out a new foundation is try it on the back of my hand. It helps me get to grips with the consistency and the texture, and I love how lightweight the texture is but how full coverage it is in reality. This is a illuminating foundation that infuses fresh hydration and synchronises with skin for a healthy brilliant glow. It adds luminosity and dew to the skin and blends beautifully for a glowing complexion.

Perfect brow

Wet N Wild brow set

To achieve the perfect brow, there are so many different products you can buy. However, I recently tried an amazing set of products from Wet n Wild called the Ultimate Brow Set, and it really does what it says. It contains a five-piece set with all the essentials to shape, smooth, define, and maintain perfect eyebrows - tweezers, brow brush, two brow powders, and a brow setting wax. It also contains an ultimate brow mascara - which instantly fills in brows and holds them in place for perfect definition. It also has an ultimate brow retractable pencil which allows you to fill in and define your brows with this unique triangular pencil tip. It creates strokes small enough to look like your finest hairs and sharpens the edges of those brows with rub-resistant pigments. Brush and blend it all out with the pencil's built-in spoolie. It also contains an ultimate brow highlight, all for a bargain £12.95!

Smoky eye-shadow

Make up Atelier Eyeshadow Palette in shade 'T19' (£28.00, Make Up Pro Store)

What I hear from my clients is that single eye-shadows here and there are too much effort for a woman on the go, and they want an all-in-one go-to smoky eye-shadow palette. My top pick for this has to be Make up Atelier Eyeshadow Palette in shade 'T19' (£28, Make Up Pro Store). At first glance this palette may look frightening, but I assure you that plum, purple and cranberry tones are your friends, and add not only drama but a festive hint to any make-up look.

Festive glittering

Make Up For Ever Star Lit Glitter in shade S806 (£13.50, Make Up Pro Store)

What is a cake without its icing? Think of your glitter in the same way - the decoration to any look. For Christmas, take full advantage of this opportunity to be a glitter ball! I am such a lover of the Make Up For Ever Star Lit Glitter in shade S806 (£13.50, Make Up Pro Store), the consistency is so easy to use and as it is finely milled you have minimal fall-out. Simply use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply and pack your glitter on.

The most effective way of creating a night-time glamorous look is to don a strong red lipstick. Max Factor have released a new lip glaze formula called Max Factor Honey Lacquer (£9.99, Boots UK). This product is super-pigmented and has a gloss finish so it is perfect for anyone who does not like a drying effect on the lips. This product comes in a range of shades, so you will definitely find the product for you!

5 top tips for Christmas do make-up

1. If you have dry or combination skin, then opt for a hydrating primer - this will leave the skin relaxed before applying make-up. The skin often becomes tighter and drier in cold weather so prepping the skin in this manner is very important.

2. Make sure foundation is a long-wear product so it lasts longer. A translucent powder is so important to lock the foundation in place. Make sure your foundation has no SPF in it as flash photography will cause flashback.

3. Make sure the blush/contour complements the make-up look you are going for - a good tip is using your eyeshadow if you are using browns or your blush colour if you doing pink/purple/cranberries.

4. If you are planning to eat on your night out, a stronger lip colour may not be the best idea, but if you want to don a strong lip colour and eat, then choose a matte shade. If you find your lips are drier choose a nude that is either creamy or glossy.

5. If you are going to go for glitter choose your glitter based on size. If you have a bigger eye space, then you are able to facilitate a chunky style of glitter. If you have a smaller eye space, opt for a finer glitter. Always use a flat brush and make sure you place it on the lid and above the crease so that when you look straight ahead everyone can see the effort you have put in.

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