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Watchdog: model not too slim for ad

A national press advertisement for Miu Miu that sparked complaints about the featured model's weight is not irresponsible, the advertising watchdog has ruled.

The advertisement for the fashion label in the Times newspaper showed top Polish model Kasia Struss sitting on a chair holding a handbag and wearing a low-cut, sleeveless dress which exposed her arms, shoulders and decolletage.

Two readers claimed the advertisement could be irresponsible because they believed the model looked significantly underweight.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that while Ms Struss looked slim, she was of the same weight as many models used in the fashion industry and said no further action was necessary.

"The ASA noted that the model in the ad was slim, and that the lighting effects, make-up and low-cut dress emphasised her body shape.

"However, we considered that the ad was typical of those used for fashion products and that the model did not look significantly underweight. We therefore concluded that the ad was not irresponsible."

Fashion house Prada, sister company of Miu Miu, said the model is regarded as one of the current top models and has worked for a variety of fashion houses regularly for about five years. The company said it was clear from her portfolio that Ms Struss was naturally tall and slim.

The advertisement, for the Miu Miu Spring Summer collection 2011, showed Ms Struss with slicked back hair and wearing "nude" make-up with bright red lipstick.

Prada said that the lighting used for the photograph highlighted the model's features and pale skin but provided alternative images which showed the model was not significantly underweight.

The Times added that it was aware of the concern in society regarding female body images, particularly in the context of modelling but it did not believe the image promoted an unhealthy ideal and had not received any complaints.


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