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We test the 90-second treatment device used by Victoria Beckham

Claire Spreadbury gets to grips with the new Foreo UFO, which promises spa-level skincare in a minute-and-a-half

Foreo's new UFO - which stands for Ur Future Obsession - is the world's first smart mask. Using specially-formulated sheet masks and a good-looking gadget, the UFO delivers LED light therapy with cryotherapy, thermotherapy and T-Sonic pulsations. Your facial is complete in just 90 seconds.

Creating a buzz (quite literally) from the moment the prototype was complete, the devices were used at Victoria Beckham's A/W show at New York Fashion Week. Models backstage were primed and prepped for the catwalk using the UFO - all achievable because the results are visible in less than two minutes.

So, how does it work?

There are two sheet masks available for the UFO - the Make My Day and Call It A Night. The daytime option contains a hydrating and anti-pollution formula to help achieve soft, glowing skin, while the night-time mask replenishes and smooths skin while you sleep, so it looks radiant when you wake up.

To use the device, you simply remove the attachment ring from the UFO, place the small, round sheet mask over the top, and then replace the ring to secure it. Then you press the on button (once for Make My Day, twice for Call It A Night) and the UFO goes to work.

The Make My Day treatment begins with 30 seconds of thermotherapy and red LED light, to prep the skin and open the pores. Then, over the next 30 seconds, the device integrates T-Sonic pulsations into the treatment to heighten the absorption of the mask essence. A green LED treatment and lower frequency pulsations continue for the final 30 seconds, to even skin tone and add a radiant boost.

The Call It A Night facial uses thermotherapy to open the pores and infuse the serum deep below the skin's surface, with the help of T-Sonic pulsations. Red LED lights stimulate collagen production and then the pulsations are reduced to a low frequency, and combine with red LED light to improve blood circulation and restore skin elasticity.

What does it feel like?

Using the device is incredibly easy - you just move it around your face (skin should be clean and dry) using circular motions until the UFO turns itself off. You feel a series of different sensations, depending on which therapy is being used, from vibrations to heat, but it all feels lovely and comfortable.

Once 90 seconds is over, you can dispose of your sheet mask, run the UFO under running water and then use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin, until it's fully absorbed. And then use your normal moisturiser.

Does the UFO deliver results?

The burning question, of course, is does it work? And the answer is 'yes'. To be fair, you'd be pretty miffed if it didn't, as a UFO will set you back £249. But the fact it can give your complexion a boost in just 90 seconds is very impressive - not to mention massively efficient. For me, finding the time to 'pop on' a face mask is really rare, but when it's this quick and easy, anybody can do it.

Foreo UFO - available in fuchsia, mint and pearl pink, £249 (

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