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What bargain beauty buy keeps Kylie Minogue looking fab?

As Superdrug reports a 150% rise in the sales of £2.75 tubs of Sudocrem, Kerry McKittrick finds out our fave budget make-up bag must-haves

One of the most surprising beauty bestsellers of the year isn't an expensive moisturiser, luxury serum or lash-extending mascara. No, the product that has been walking off shop shelves is, in fact, Sudocrem, an antiseptic cream normally bought by mums to soothe their baby’s nappy rash.

In these straitened times it seems the humble little grey, white and red tub is proving a very affordable treatment for acne, cold sores and dry skin.

Nor is it the only cost-conscious product we are turning to these days. Here, we ask some of Northern Ireland’s best-known fashionistas to reveal their own cheap (beauty) tricks.

Niamh Perry (21) is an actress and singer originally from Bangor, Co Down, Belfast who was a finalist in the BBC show I'd Do Anything. She divides her time between Belfast and London. She says

“My beauty bargain is aqueous cream — I use E45 or the Superdrug own brand which costs £2.99. I always apply a layer before I put on my foundation.

It was my dermatologist who suggested it. Since I was a teenager I've had really sensitive skin and I've been on steroids and all sorts of things for it. The cream is a moisturiser that isn't very rich and it helps foundation to sit on my skin.”

Tracey Hall (44), director of Style Academy, is the Belfast Telegraph Woman Of The Year In Fashion and lives in Belfast. She says:

“For blemishes I use toothpaste. It's the traditional remedy for treating spots and you can really feel it drying out the problem area when you use it. My other beauty bargain is Nivea Soft lotion that comes in a white squeezy tube. I've used it for years and it only costs £2.09. It's the best moisturiser to wear under liquid foundation because it seeps in so quickly. Otherwise the moisturiser will come away with the foundation.”

Finola Guinnane (23) is the current Miss Northern Ireland and lives in Belfast. She says:

“I don't go anywhere without a little tin of Vaseline in my handbag because it has so many uses and it only costs about £1.25. Obviously you can use it as a lip gloss but I also put it on my pressure points before I apply perfume as it helps the scent stay longer. If you have to wear bright lipstick — as I do a lot — you can also put some on your teeth to stop the colour coming off on them. It's also fantastic for taking off heavy duty eyeliner and mascara. When I won Miss Northern Ireland I was given a huge hamper of GOSH products. My favourite one of those is the Exaggerated Volume mascara as it makes a real impact. It only costs £7.49.”

Katrina Doran (37) is the editor of and lives in Belfast with her husband, Peter Forster. She says:

“I have two beauty bargains I use every day. The first is L'Oreal waterproof eye make-up remover, which is £4.99 — it's just as good as the Lancome version which is about three times more expensive. It's less than a fiver and I usually stock up when it's on offer. As for my favourite skin care product, I love Superdrug Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser — at £3.99 it's great and just as good as more expensive cleansers. I used it on the recommendation of Lauren McLean from the gottaloveatrier blog. I think Sudocrem is horrible stuff, though — keep it for the nappy rash!”

Oonagh Boman (44) runs the Oonagh Boman School of Make-up. She lives in Belfast with her husband Leslie (32) and her children, Skye (13) and Brad (9). She says:

“Sudocrem? God forbid! I'm very, very fussy about what kind of skincare I use, so I don't go for bargain products and I certainly wouldn't use that. I suppose if I have to choose something cheap and cheerful it would be Vaseline for the lips. I'm also a big fan of Barry M nail varnish, which is £2.99 — it's as good as anything else out there. My other product is the Soap & Glory dry oil spray called Easy Glistening, which is £5.50. You just spray it on when you get out of the shower and you don't need to leave it to dry or anything.”

Emma Fitzpatrick (33) is the host of Citybeat’s Drivetime show and lives in Belfast. She says:

“I do use Sudocrem — it's good for spots. A friend of mine told me about it and it really works. I used to be all about the bog-standard, budget skincare but these days I've started to invest in my skin a bit more — that’s one of the terrible discoveries that lets you know you are getting older!”

Rebecca McKinney (24) is the personal stylist for Victoria Square and lives in Belfast. She says:

“My budget buy is Sally Henson Airbrush Legs, whic costs £10. It's a wash-off spray that you just spray on and it looks fantastic. It's the best thing to have in your bag if you go out after work because it always comes out very even and gives your legs a lovely skin tone.

The other thing I love is Palmer's Cocoa Butter body lotion which only costs £3.75. My mum used it and it's something I've used since I was a teenager.”

the celebs not so best-kept secrets ...

  • Kylie Minogue is a fan of Ponds moisturiser, £3.99
  • Reese Witherspoon uses Johnson's Baby Shampoo, £1.52
  • Jodie Kidd loves Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Wipes, £2.03
  • Kate Winslett likes Nivea Creme, £2.76
  • Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole are fans Palmers Cocoa Butter body lotion, £3.67

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