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What fashions do Pete Snowden, Zoe Salmon, Emma Carswell and Paul Pritchard splash their cash on?

With a recent survey revealing that women spend four times more on their clothes than men, Kerry McKittrick asks some well-known personalities what is in their wardrobes?

‘As Miss NI I can’t wear same items too often’

Emma Carswell (21) is the current Miss Northern Ireland. She says:

My style is very girly, but I don’t always wear heels — I’m just as happy in flats, which are just as elegant.

While I don’t actually go shopping that often, House of Fraser is a real favourite of mine. It has so many amazing brands that you can find anything you need. I love Ted Baker and Coast and it has to be Next on the high street.

As Miss Northern Ireland I have to be careful about what I wear and not be seen in the same outfit too often. If my picture is in a newspaper three times in one week, I really don’t want to be wearing the same thing each time.

Boutiques outside Belfast are great too, especially if you want to find something a bit different.

Often they pick out the elegant clothes, so you don’t have to search through rails of items to find the perfect outfit.

At the moment I’m wearing a lot of clothes from Blush on the Lisburn Road which stocks clothes by designer Kevan John — who I’m a real fan of.”

Monthly spend: £300-450

Most expensive item in your wardrobe: Three dresses for the Miss Northern Ireland final — each one cost £400 from Portadown boutique Highway 13.

Most worn item: A nice, heavy coat with fur collar from Miss Selfridge bought for £190 last winter — it was hardly off me for the whole season.

Best bargain: A couple of tops in different colours for £20 in a recent Zara sale.

‘My clothes need to be versatile as I go from the studio to DJing’

Pete Snodden is a Cool FM DJ and lives in Bangor with his wife, Julia, and their daughters, Ivanna (3) and Elayna (3 months). He says:

Although I do love my clothes, for me it’s all how I feel in what I’m wearing, rather than what people think about my attire. As long as I’m comfortable and it looks good, that’s the main thing.

I don’t dress for other people, so it’s all about buying something that I like the look of.

I’m not afraid to stand out, so I’ll wear everything from floral print shirts to striped blazers with lots of different colours.

There are some things in my wardrobes that I don’t like, though — a suit I wore recently that I’ve had for years. The cut wasn’t good and I didn’t feel comfortable in it.

I love blazers and trainers and tend to stick to one brand of jeans time and again if I find a fit that I like.

Mostly, I wear separates because of my job — one minute I’m in the studio doing the morning show, then I’m on daddy duty looking after my girls in the afternoon or heading out to a function or a DJ-ing gig in the evening. My clothes need to be versatile, so a nice jacket can dress up a pair of jeans, while trainers make an outfit a bit more casual.

The only time I wear a suit is to a wedding.

When I shop for clothes, I go to both boutiques and the high street.

Certain jackets or jeans I’ll get in boutiques because they are investment pieces and will last from season to season; in some cases pricier items come back into style again a few years later. Then I’ll mix and match those pieces with things from the high street, places like Zara or House of Fraser.

Having said all that, I have bought clothes from Alastair Beverley since I was 15. Previously he worked in a shop in Spires, but then went out on his own and opened Yoke near the City Hall. He always seems to stock the kind of thing I like.

He doesn’t keep a lot of stock in the shop, so when you buy something, it’s unlikely that you’ll see anyone else wearing it.

I’m not a regular shopper and tend to buy a lot of stuff in one go — a couple of weeks ago I came back with four pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans and some T-shirts, but then I won’t have to go shopping again for ages.”

Monthly spend: £150-200

Most expensive item in your wardrobe: An olive green suede Barbour jacket that cost around £300.

Most worn Item: My Edwin jeans, I love them so much I’ve bought a few pairs of them now.

Best bargain: Adidas Stan Smith trainers that I got for £20 — they normally cost about £50.

‘Finding a good fit can often be hard due to my rugby physique’

Paul Pritchard (26) is the current Mr Northern Ireland and lives in Ballymena. He also manages an online physio supplies company.He says:

I pay a little more attention to what I wear than most people and tend not to follow trends slavishly. Mostly I’m in a white t-shirt, jeans or black trousers and boots.

Finding the right fit is the most difficult thing for me. I play rugby and have a player’s physique, so it can be hard to find trousers and jeans that fit around the thighs.

Nothing at Topman fits me, so I can’t shop there. Anything classic and well-fitting is very much my style, although I don’t mind dressing up on a night out.

My favourite items are blazers which I have a lot of and a nice camel trench coat.

It’s like a uniform for blokes in Northern Ireland, in that they go out in chinos, good shoes and a blazer.

I have three or four tweed jackets, which is a bit of a rugby thing too.

I wish I could afford to buy more of my clothes from House of Fraser, instead I go to TK Maxx, because you can get so much more quality for your money.

When it comes to suits it has to be Marks & Spencer because of the choice and quality and I recently bought a French Connection suit from Moss Brothers, which has just opened in Belfast.

I wouldn’t spend more than £150 on a suit, as they do wear out.”

Most expensive item in your wardrobe: A £300 Circle of Gentlemen jacket. I didn’t have a problem with that price for a jacket, as it will last for years.

Most worn item: Black jeans from Lee.

Best bargain: Anything from Zara — it’s affordable for what you get. I like their t-shirts as they fit me really well.

Monthly spend: £150

‘I never, ever throw anything out unless it has a hole in it’

Zoe Salmon (36) is a TV presenter and former Miss Northern Ireland. She is married to William Corrie and says:

It’s interesting that women spend more on clothes than men, because my husband spends more on clothes than I do.

There’s a bit of a joke among my nearest and dearest, because I never, ever throw clothes away. Unless it has a hole in it, then it stays in my wardrobe.

It’s called my museum of clothes.

People tell me I’ve had something for too long and I’ll never wear it again, but I always defy them.

When I wear really old clothes I always get compliments for them because they look new. Trends come and go, but if you have something that fits you well, then you wear it again and again.

My taste in fashion is classic, so clothes don’t date. I don’t mind spending money on clothes because I know I’ll wear them over and over again.

And that’s why I don’t shop that much on the high street — I tend to go for local designers.

Zoe Boomer is a favourite — she’s from Northern Ireland but lives and works in London now. I also wear a lot of Una Rodden’s clothes.

Online shopping is great too, because it’s so convenient and it’s easier to get your size.

I’m a fan of American websites Revolve and Nasty Gal, because when you buy something from them you’re not likely to run into someone else wearing the same thing.

When I do shop on the high street, I love Zara and Miss Selfridge. The Duchess of Cambridge has made it acceptable to wear a dress that you’ve been photographed in before and I do it all the time.

I have a room devoted to a walk-in wardrobe and going in there is like visiting old friends. I see the shoes I wore to my 25th birthday. I can look at clothes and tell you exactly when the last time I wore them was.

I love any excuse to dress up — even on a casual summer’s day I’ll wear sparkly flip-flops and my go-to outfit is a maxi dress teamed with a denim or leather jacket.

Accessories make an ordinary outfit special, so when I’m throwing on my high street maxi dress and add a Chanel handbag or Gucci sunglasses it really lifts it.”

Monthly spend: £2,000

Most expensive item in your wardrobe: A black cut-out Agent Provocateur dress which was a 30th birthday present. It cost £1,200 in Harrods and I thought at the time it was a ridiculous amount to spend on a dress. I thought if I never get married, this is my equivalent of a wedding dress.

Most worn item: A Karen Millen black leather jacket I bought when I was working there, aged 21.

Best bargain: When I lived in LA I was lucky enough to find a Chanel suit for £100.

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