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Who made waves on the red carpet with their updos at the Oscars?

Award-winning hairdresser Sharon Malcolm from Co Down|tells how you can recreate four key looks from the Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence’s sophisticated look

Best Actress winner, Jennifer Lawrence (inset) looked both sophisticated and demure whilst oozing Hollywood glamour. Jennifer’s hair was pinned back into a soft, textured chignon, a style favoured by many of the starlets. The sophisticated chignon takes a little more practice than the other styles but with the help of a creative friend and a hair pad to create a generous chignon, this look can be achieved.

1. Set hair in heated rollers and leave for 20 minutes

2. Then release the hair and gently brush out the tight curls

3. Leave a few strands of hair loose at the front of head

4. Pull all other hair into the nape of the neck and secure into a low ponytail

5. Then, using the hair pad, secure it to the top of the ponytail and pin in place

6. Brush the hair from the ponytail up and then fan out over the hair pad in a smooth fashion — this creates the large and groomed chignon

7. At the front, take each of the strands of unsecured hair and lightly curl using a hair wand to create the wispy, tendrils effect

8. Finish with hairspray

Jessica Chastain’s vintage waves

Large vintage waves were a key trend on the big night with major Hollywood starlets opting for this sexy and loose style, including Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain (top) and Zoe Saldana. This glamourous style requires a heated wand.

To recreate the look

1. Divide the hair into small sections and secure with grips

2. Lightly spray with hairspray

3. Take a small section of hair and re-spray it with hairspray

4. Wrap the hair around the wand, starting with the broader end of the wand and taking the hair from the root; then wrap the hair around the wand until the end of the strand reaches the tip of the wand.

5. Continue this action on all sections of hair for the complete look

6. Once the whole head is complete, you’ll have a tight ringlet effect

7. Take a soft bristle brush and gently brush out all of the ringlets

8. Then gather larger sections of hair and twist them into place, creating big, voluminous curls

9. Finish with a gloss of hairspray

Jenna Dewan’s soft chignon

The blossoming Jenna Dewan, partner of Channing Tatum, chose to complement her gown with a soft textured chignon — a key hairstyle at this year’s event. The loose chignon is the perfect style for achieving an understated yet stylish look.

To recreate the look

1. Set hair in heated rollers and leave for 20 minutes

2. Take hair out of rollers and pull it back into a loose, low pony tail — secure with band

3. Part the hair into small sections and loosely loop and twist randomly into place

4. Securely pin the sections

5. Finish with a gloss of hairspray

Reece Witherspoon’s asymetric style

Reece Witherspoon’s asymmetric throw over is the ultimate red carpet look. Draped over one shoulder, this look reveals the contours of the neck, yet still shows-off luscious locks. Here Reece opted for large 1940s vintage curls, but here’s how to create a one-shouldered textured fishtail:

To recreate the look

1. Set hair in heated rollers and leave for 20 minutes to add body and volume

2. Release hair from rollers and gently brush hair around to one side (if wearing a one shouldered dress, choose to drape hair over opposite shoulder)

3. Take a section of hair from the crown at the front and softly twist it around behind the ear, incorporating the twisted hair into main body of hair

4. Now divide all hair at side into two sections

5. Create a fishtail plait by plaiting outwards and under — the reverse of a normal plait and using only two sections

6. Secure at bottom with a fine elastic band

7. Then soften out the plait by gently teasing out sections, making its appearance less structured but more textured and relaxed

8. Cover the elastic band by releasing small sections of hair from the bottom of the plait

9. Secure any sections which have become loose with fine grips

10. Finish with hairspray.


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