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Whoopi Goldberg talks Christmas sweater etiquette

Whoopi Goldberg has been inclusive of different religions and family backgrounds when it comes to her Christmas sweater collection.

Whoopi Goldberg has certain rules when it comes to wearing a Christmas sweater.

The actress launched her own line of festive jumpers in November (16), partnering with department stores Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay for the 11-piece collection.

But she’s held off wearing one until the time was right.

"You might start right after Thanksgiving, and wear them all the way through Hanukkah and New Year’s and then you’re done for another 12 months until it rolls around again," she pointed out to The New York Times. "Anything before Thanksgiving is too early. I’m old school. I come from the protocol of, 'OK, here’s Halloween and then you have Thanksgiving.' No Christmas at Halloween."

The unlikely designer went for Christmas sweaters as her first foray into fashion as she’s always liked the fun holiday garment, and says they make her happy.

To make sure she included a wide range of religions and backgrounds in her creations, Whoopi added more than just Christmas trees and baubles.

"I thought about all the things I’d love to see on a sweater. Maybe a brown Santa. I have friends who are Jewish and Catholic and married to each other, so I had a big green tree, and I thought, 'Well, what would you put on a big green tree if you’re a Jewish kid?' Well, you’d put little menorahs on, you’d put dreidels on," she beamed.

"We have a 'What makes the family?' sweater, which is this whole family and this one guy is green, but you realise he’s their brother. You never know what kind of family is going to come into your door."

As for how she wants people to wear the sweaters, the 61-year-old advises keeping the rest of your attire as simple as possible.

"Wear some black leggings and a crazy sweater. Men don’t wear leggings, so for them, jeans or something relatively simple, because it’s the sweater that you want people to see," she noted.

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