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Why golf star Rory McIlroy needs to make the cut more than ever before

By Maureen Coleman

Rory McIlroy has refused to cut off his trademark dark curls because he is superstitious about losing his power on the golf course.

But he could be left with no option but to go for the chop after his latest hair experiment was deemed a ‘disaster’.

The 21-year-old Co Down golf star — who believes his longer hair helps him play better golf — unveiled a new look in Hong Kong where he is taking part in the UBS Open.

His dark, thick, mop has been highlighted with blond streaks — leaving his hair looking dry and wiry.

And according to celebrity hair stylist Paul Stafford, it’s done him no favours.

“To be honest, I think he looks like a cross between Nell McCafferty and Maeve Binchy,” he said.

“It’s terrible looking. His hair has obviously been bleached but because he’s out on the golf course all day in the heat in Asia, he’s probably been perspiring a lot and the humidity has made his hair look frizzy.

“On top of that, his hair has probably lightened up even more, though we are judging his hair on photographs, and it may not look as bad in the flesh.”

Paul said he thought Rory should now opt for a shorter, sharper haircut and return to his natural dark shade.

“I don’t know what look he’s aiming for, maybe it’s the Justin Bieber thing, but he’s a good-looking lad and should have a sharper hairstyle that suits him,” he said.

“I think he should cover up the colour and go for the chop. It’s time he got those curls cut off.”

Fashion stylist and editor of online style bible Katrina Doran also gave the hair-do the thumbs-down.

“For someone who is so protective of his hair and refuses to cut it for fear of losing his strength or ability, you’d think he would have chosen the colour more carefully,” she said.

“I think it looks far too dry and out of condition, though being in the heat wouldn’t help, especially after having it bleached.

“The unfortunate thing is that it looks more grey than blond. Maybe he was going for the George Clooney ‘silver fox’ look, but I doubt it.

“Whatever reason he’s gone for this change, I really don’t like it and think he should go back to dark.”

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