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Why the eyes have it for Victoria Beckham's first beauty range launch party

Katie Wright was in attendance as the singer-turned-entrepreneur revealed the inspiration for her first make-up collection

New collection: products from Victoria Beckham Beauty
New collection: products from Victoria Beckham Beauty
The garden at Annabel’s restaurant in Mayfair
New collection: products from Victoria Beckham Beauty
Headline grabbers: Victoria Beckham (right) and Sarah Creal, co-founders of Victoria Beckham Beauty
New collection: products from Victoria Beckham Beauty

Katie Wright

Has anyone had a busier London Fashion Week than Victoria Beckham? Not content with holding her usual headline-grabbing catwalk show, the designer went live with her first own-brand beauty collection and then held a glamorous media event to celebrate the launch.

Beckham and her beauty brand co-founder Sarah Creal spoke to guests about the new collection and the message behind the brand, revealing some fascinating insights along the way.

From her obsession with clean formulations to the unlikely inspiration behind the packaging, here's everything we learned at the Victoria Beckham Beauty launch...

1. It was a beautiful setting

The garden at Annabel’s restaurant in Mayfair

The lunch took place in the garden at Annabel's restaurant in Mayfair.

Festooned with flowers and plants, and with a huge, pink floral centrepiece, there was a chic English country garden feel to the venue. Products from the new collection were laid on the tables and even the napkins were embroidered with the VB logo.

2. The guestlist was a who's who of industry insiders

Headline grabbers: Victoria Beckham (right) and Sarah Creal, co-founders of Victoria Beckham Beauty

Practically every UK beauty editor was in attendance, plus a handful of digital influencers and Beckham's beauty squad, which includes make-up artist Wendy Rowe and hair stylist Ken Paves.

"Every single person here is so important to me and Sarah," Beckham said. "So, to get the opportunity to spend time with you and talk you through why we've done what we've done, and explain the collection, is really exciting for us. And it's such a lovely way to do it here at Annabel's, because it's quite posh, isn't it?"

3. The products are very luxurious

New collection: products from Victoria Beckham Beauty

Examining the products that were laid out, the first thing I noticed was the weight - the brass and tortoiseshell packaging is seriously luxe.

Beckham explained that the Smoky Eye Bricks (£48 each), which come in four colour variations, are intended to be small enough to fit in your handbag for touch-ups on the go.

After lunch, I asked her why she chose tortoiseshell and she revealed it was because of a source close to home.

"The idea came from a horn bowl in my kitchen. I said to Sarah, 'It's so chic, this has to be it'," she said.

4. The first collection is all about eyes

"It makes sense for us to start with an eye story, because I think that's something that is very signature to me, a smoky, sexy eye - can we say that word?" Beckham said of the range, which comprises four Smoky Eye Bricks, four Lid Lustre eyeshadows (£28 each) and three Satin Kajal Liners (£20 each).

The colours are, for the most part, on the natural or neutral side, with the exception of the Royal Smoky Eye Brick, which features three blue shades.

"I really wanted to make sure this was a focused launch," Beckham added. "There will be more to come, there's going to be various drops, which I think is really exciting as well."

5. Beckham is championing clean beauty

The pop star-turned-entrepreneur revealed she wanted to create a 'clean beauty' brand, because that's what's missing in the market.

"I felt that as a consumer, I really wanted to know what I was putting on my skin - it was very, very time consuming, trying to get my head around it. Myself and Sarah decided, let's do this, let's do something that is clean, but still active."

Sustainability is also a top priority, she said: "Making sure we are using minimal plastic, and 100% post-consumer waste with the outer packaging as well.

"So being kind to ourselves and kind to the planet. And we feel that's a modern take on beauty."

6. This is make-up for women on the move

New collection: products from Victoria Beckham Beauty

The mum-of-four admitted she'd had a very hectic weekend with her catwalk show and parenting duties - which is why she creates products for women with equally busy lives.

"Yesterday was a great day, and we did have a lot of wine last night, and then I was up at six o'clock this morning during school runs," Beckham said.

Creal added: "We're talking about beauty in motion - this is where it comes from.

"It's like, we're constantly running. We know you're constantly running.

"And we want beauty that really keeps up with you."

7. It's not about anti-ageing

While Beckham's passion for make-up really shone through, the 45-year-old made it clear she isn't striving to turn back the clock with her collection.

"It's not about trying to make ourselves look any different, any younger - I'm not coming out with products that say they're going to get rid of wrinkles - because I think that's b*******," she said.

"I think we should celebrate who we are and be the best, most powerful version of ourselves and celebrate each other."

Judging by the resounding applause and the reception that Beckham got, that's a message women can really relate to.

The collection is available now on

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