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Yara Shahidi keeps make-up wipes next to her bed

Black-ish star Yara Shahidi swears that hydration is critical when it comes to maintaining a clear complexion.

Yara Shahidi keeps a stack of make-up wipes next to her bed for pre-sleep cleansing.

The actress and model, best known for playing Zoey on Black-ish, is building up a reputation as quite the fashionista.

Yara's signature curls and flawless skin make her stand out on the red carpet, and the starlet shares that the secret to her clear skin is quick cleansing.

"My go to is the make-up wipes," she said a Clean & Clear event, according to "Because after a day on set it takes a solid 30 minutes to get home and another 30 minutes to even process what is happening in your world, which means that I usually like to keep those in my bed or my bedside table because it’ll get the first layer of make-up off pretty easily and it doesn’t irritate my skin."

The Clean & Clear ambassador also follows a three-step regime to remove all the heavy cosmetics she is required to wear while filming. The 17-year-old is a big fan of the Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, and products which are really hydrating.

"I usually like to exfoliate maybe two days a week. And the rest I usually like to use one of the foam cleansers too because they’re soft - and because of the bubbles. I’m a sucker for bubbles,” she shared.

When it comes to teenage skin issues, the actress is also adamant that it is important to pay attention to how food and drink may impact the complexion. She's also swears that hydration is critical for a clear face.

“Your skin does signify a lot of what is happening in your body. Like if I haven’t hydrated myself enough, it could be anything,” added Yara.

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