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Your guide to music festival fashion

Some festival-goers manage to stay cool come rain or shine, says Harriet Walker. The secret is to pick your style tribe and dress the part

Rock 'n' Roll

A festival classic, the time-honoured groupie look is one of the easiest to pull off, relying as it does on a certain nonchalance and the ancient art of "throwing it all together". Staples include denim shorts and a leather jacket; everything else should fall into place. Don't forget your wellies and a certain "who wants to know" swagger.


As pop music evolves and defies categorisation, so do its followers. A new and bonkers aesthetic, born from the ashes of one of Arthur Brown's flaming hats, is making its presence known. Clashing vintage with futurism and loud colours with otherwise prim pieces, the alternative dresser looks for comfort above all and the aesthetic arises organically from that.


There was a time when we swooned at Kate Moss and Sienna Miller's tousled ethno-charm but the Boho look has died a death since then. Or so we thought – it gets trundled out every festival season, with infinite variations, and this year, it's more posh than mosh. Team an upmarket kaftan with sturdy leather boots to see off the slime, and make sure your artfully beaten-up bag has a designer label on it.


It isn't easy to get Kate Bosworth's girlish look down pat at festivals, where the need for practicality often overwhelms any urge to look normal, but a pretty sundress or printed skirt toughened up with a plain T-shirt works well in hot weather, and can be dressed up or down for night or for thunderstorms. Finishing touches should include some florals, in the form of jewellery, headgear or accessories.

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