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Author Herbie Brennan relaxes at home with a book and his cat

He's the NI journalist turned author who has sold millions of books but you probably don't know his name... and he says he's seen ghosts, had out-of-body experiences and was compelled to write his latest thriller by an ancient Egyptian sorcerer 

He's the most famous bestselling Northern Ireland fantasy writer you've never heard of, shifting more than 10 million copies in more than 50 countries. But Co Down-born author Herbie Brennan - pen-name JH Brennan - reveals it's partially his own fault that he isn't better known in his home country, admitting he hadn't got as involved in the publicity side of publishing as he could have.

Changing times: the Queen will no longer wear real fur

Queen Elizabeth's dresser has decreed that henceforth her boss will only wear fake fur. But what would Greta say? 

I am very disappointed with Queen Elizabeth - not Olivia Colman in The Crown - but the real one residing at Buckingham Palace. It has been announced that no longer will she wear real fur. Under the guidance of her dresser (and new BF) Angela Kelly, any fur that appears on royal garments from now on will be "fake fur", or "faux fur" as the fashion industry calls it - not liking the word "fake".


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