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All the best: Actor Sean Kearns on his favourite things

sean kearns

By Kerry McKittrick

The 51-year-old is currently playing Roncombollo in Pinocchio at The Mac in Belfast. He lives in the city with his wife Gillian Magnall and their daughter Caitlin (19).

My best moment

When I married Gillian, on March 30, 1993. We had decided to get married shortly after we met in June, 1992. Our wedding day also happens to be Gillian's birthday; despite this, she always forgets our anniversary.

My best song

Song of Bernadette from Leonard Cohen's famous Blue Raincoat album, sung by Jennifer Warnes. It's a beautiful ballad that just gets me every time I hear it.

My best way to relax

On a day bed in Ibiza, beside a beach or a swimming pool. We love Ibiza, it's just the most beautiful island and we've travelled all over it. It is surprising how green it is, and the people are fantastic. We've always had the most amazing time there, so we try and go as often as possible.

My best job

As an actor of 32 years - and this will sound corny - the best job is always the one that I'm working on, because it means that you're still employable. Every time someone asks me to be in something, or I have a successful audition, then that job becomes the best one. I've done some incredible things, having performed in the London stage version of The Commitments for two years and have just finished a stint in Wicked in London's West End to come to the Mac. This is the first Christmas I've worked at home in 12 years. My two aren't very happy, because it means having Christmas at home instead of in London.

My best bit of advice

Keep going. I was turned down by every drama college that I ever applied to. It was through sheer hard work, determination and with a lot of sacrifice that I've continued to work in this business. It's been hard because I've been away (working in London) for 10 years so there are lots of things I've missed about Caitlin growing up. But to carve out a career has been wonderful. I was in the New Point Players in Newry and the teacher there said 'believe in yourself', and I would say that to anyone who wants to do this for a living.

My best film

An ensemble movie about relationships called Magnolia, starring Tom Cruise - it's the best performance he's ever given.

My best gift

A DeLonghi barista coffee machine that Gillian bought me at Christmas a few years ago. It's portable, so if I'm going away to do a show for a year I take it with me for my dressing room.

My best achievement

That my marriage is still intact, with me being away in London for so much of it. It's a testament to my wife that we're still strong 24 years later - that's good going by anyone's standards. I keep saying the reason we're still married is that we never see each other.

My best buy

A Shun Japanese kitchen knife. I do like to cook and this is a very good brand; it's well balanced, sharp and just does everything I want it to.

My best book

Ottolenghi: The Cookbook Book by Sami Tamimi and Yotam Ottolenghi. I really love Persian food and this is a fantastic book for that. The restaurant is, too, and I've been lucky enough to be there a few times. I'm fussy with books; if it doesn't grab me with the first page, then I get bored with it. Most of the time I read scripts.

  • Pinocchio will be on stage at the Mac Theatre in Belfast until January 1. For tickets and other information visit

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