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All the best: Andy Reid discusses his favourite things

The 22-year-old superbike rider is currently second in the British Supersport Championship and has just been named celebrity ambassador for the Prince's Trust in Northern Ireland. He lives in Carrickfergus.

My best moment

It's a tie between the day I signed my first professional contract, aged 19, and marking my Supersport debut last year at Oulton Park with a win. I've always dreamt of getting paid to ride a motorbike so when it actually happened it was a surreal moment. All the hard work that my family and I had put in, as well as everyone else who supported me, finally paid off. And winning at Oulton Park was such an emotional moment.

My best song

Currently it's the classic by Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight. I like music from years ago - I feel as though I was born too late.

My best movie

Forest Gump - I got into it as a kid and I absolutely love it. I still watch it now and always discover new bits that I didn't notice when I was younger, but make perfect sense to me now.

My best way to relax

Because I do so much training and racing the best way to wind down is to have a protein drink, kick back and watch a movie. I do a lot of cycling which is one of the best ways for a motorcyclist to train as it helps manage your weight. Getting out on the bicycle is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and clear your head.

My best job

As a teenager I dabbled with some different jobs as I just wanted to earn money. I did a bit of hairdressing, was a tree surgeon and worked at Domino's making pizza. When I broke my femur in a crash at 17 I didn't race for two years and became a tattoo artist. At that stage I didn't know if I would ever get on a bike again so I learned to tattoo as I'm quite creative.

My best bit of advice

My dad, who was really supportive of my racing, died when I was quite young. He told me I had to have a fire in my belly in order to succeed, that I really needed to want it. He said that nothing beats hard work and he was right.

My best gift

My first motorbike when I was seven - a PW80 which was a Christmas present. I wouldn't stop asking for a motorbike so my parents got me one. Just a month later, though, I started asking for a faster one and I ended up with a Kawasaki 65 . My racing has carried on from there.

My best achievement

Learning how to play guitar. I wanted to do it since I was a kid but I never had any lessons. I won a race in 2014 and the sons of the sponsors were in a band called Statesboro Revue and were playing at the event. I met them afterwards and they gave me an autographed guitar which I taught myself to play.

My best buy

My bicycle. I've just finished building it and its made entirely from carbon fibre. It's probably worth more than a motorbike.

My best book

Travelling to races is a great opportunity to read. I like novels but the best book I've read is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which encourages you to achieve your goals by visualising them. This technique is a key part of racing. Three weeks before a competition I'll do a yoga or pilates session then sit and try to recreate the emotion of each session in my head. I'm a very firm believer in the power of positive thinking. I re-read The Secret before every race.

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