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All the best: Cian Landers discusses his favourite things

The 49-year-old is general manager of the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast, which has just been awarded five stars by Tourism NI. He lives in Belfast with his partner Bernie and has one daughter, Eva (10).

My best moment

When Eva was born. I was in the room that day and when she was handed to me that's when I realised it's for life.

My best song

I'm a big David Bowie fan so it has to be Heroes. I grew up with Bowie and when he passed away I started listening to his music again. Sadly I never got to see him live.

My best way to relax

Going for a long spin on my bike with the Phoenix Cycling Club on Saturday mornings. I was given a bicycle as a gift and started riding it into work to beat the morning traffic jams - and my love of cycling grew from there. Fortunately I live near to the Comber Greenway, so its part of my commute.

My best job

Being general manager of the Fitzwilliam - and I'm not just saying that. I've been in general management of hotels for more than 20 years - but here it's the staff who make the hotel as good as it is. Even the design of the hotel is something special, as it's a little quirky. The location is great, too. Great Victoria Street is right beside the Grand Opera House so I think each of those three elements add to the success of the hotel.

My best advice

Nothing worth having comes easy. My mother was always telling me things like this; to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work for what you want. She would also use the analogy 'why do fish swim up river - because if it was easy everyone would be doing it'.

My best movie

Gladiator is a great film that I come back to time and again. It's an epic movie and it appeals to me and my emotions on a lot of different levels. As well as being well put together, it was shot in my home county of Meath. These days, though, I enjoy box sets - movies aren't quite what they used to be.

My best gift

A watch which was a birthday gift from Bernie. Now I never leave home without it. Time is something that is always against me. And it's special because of who it came from.

My best achievement

When the Fitzwilliam achieved five stars - it's my biggest career goal accomplished to date. We worked closely with Tourism NI on this and the final part in the process involved an anonymous assessment. When I was told the news that the hotel would be awarded five stars I burst into tears. Once the staff found out the assessor was there they were all watching me walk her out. They knew we had been successful when I turned around and smiled - it meant so much to all of the team.

My best buy

My Canondale Synapse bike from Dave Kane Cycles in Belfast. Cycling keeps me healthy and sane and I get to see the country like you wouldn't believe. My partner is a little jealous of it sometimes because she thinks I spend too much time with it.

My best book

Rugby player Paul O'Connell's autobiography The Battle. I like biographies and enjoyed this one the most this year.

  • For more information on the hotel go to www.fitzwilliam

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