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All the best: Clodagh Cassin on her favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The markets' development manager for Belfast City Council, who is in her 40s, lives in Belfast with husband Barry and son Jude (5). She looks after St Georges Market, the Continental Christmas market and Smithfield Market.

My best moment

Having my son Jude - particularly as he came along a little later in my life. He's full of boldness and mischief and is starting to develop a wonderful sense of humour.

My best song

My all-time favourite is Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. It reminds me of times on the dance floor with my four sisters and my group of best friends. The song brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

My best way to relax

Long walks in the country - I'm from Donaghmore, so I like to go back as often as I can. I also like heading into town for a spot of shopping with my sisters or just curling up with a good film or box set in front of the TV.

My best job

Apart from my current one - we've just picked up the award for the Best Market Attraction at the Great British Market Awards - the job I remember most fondly was the summer I spent driving a model train around Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park for the council. It was wonderful, there was no pressure and I just spent the whole time waving at people.

My best advice

My mother always said to me that I was no better or no worse than anyone else. So I've tried to live my life treating everyone as an equal, and how I would like to be treated. It's been good advice for my current post where I meet so many different people.

My best movie

As a film buff there are so many I could choose. But the one movie I've watched over and over again is When A Man Loves A Woman with Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan. I tear up even thinking about it because it's such an emotional film.

My best gift

After my engagement ring it's a pair of headphones which Barry bought me as I'm quite hard of hearing. They are high powered for using when I'm watching TV. Now, I couldn't live without them.

My best achievement

My career; as I started out managing shopping centres and was one of the youngest and only female one doing so here. Since I began working for Belfast City Council, St Georges Market has won a number of awards as well as achieving over a million visitors a year which was huge.

My best buy

A Louis Vuitton bag and matching purse I bought about eight years ago. Before that, I bought a new bag every month. Since then, though, I haven't bought one. While the designer bag was expensive it's actually saved me a small fortune.

My best book

The Legacy of Lucy Harte by Emma Heatherington - which I've just finished reading and really enjoyed. Emma is my cousin so it's great to see her book in print. Other favourites include The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and The Kite Runner by Kaled Hosseini.

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