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All the best: Debbie Finnegan on her favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The 35-year-old is a senior artist for Mac cosmetics. Originally from Hannahstown, she now lives in London and travels the world.

My best moment

I often work at the Life Ball in Vienna which is a huge event to raise funds for Aids awareness. On one occasion as I was working backstage making up the models I found myself next to Jean-Paul Gaultier or Vivienne Westwood - who are both my all-time favourite designers.

My best song

The one I'm constantly listening to at the minute is Years & Years by Shine. It reminds me of some brilliant times I had on a recent trip to Dubai.

My best way to relax

Getting away to foreign shores for a holiday. I am addicted to travel and fortunately I have seen so much of the world through my job which is wonderful. Most recently I've been to Orlando and Alicante and later this year I'm heading to San Diego. Work-wise, I will be at New York Fashion Week and will fly out a couple of days early, so I can see friends and do some shopping. If I can't go too far then there is nothing better than a quick trip home to hang out in my mum's garden and drink lots of tea.

My best advice

My mum always tells me to be happy, work hard and be myself.

My best job

The one I do now. One day I'll be designing make-up for a fashion show, the next talking to a journalist about beauty trends and a month from now I'll be running the Mac team at New York Fashion Week.

My best movie

Melissa McCarthy is my favourite actress so I love Heat and Tammy. Any movie that has her in it always makes me laugh.

My best gift

Robert McCready aka Titti Von Tramp is one of my best friends and he always buys me the best presents from my favourite Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume to something really unexpected that I always absolutely love. He's bought me jewellery, vintage dishes - he has an eye for thoughtful gifts.

My best achievement

A shoot for the front cover of Elle magazine which was translated into four or five different languages and distributed all over the Middle East. It is huge to get the cover of a magazine such as Elle so I was very proud of that.

My best book

A beautiful book about Vogue Magazine which I picked up at a second-hand book shop. It has lots of gorgeous fashion sketches in it and the whole thing is in an Art Deco style. A great find.

My best buy

A pair of classic black Louboutin shoes I bought myself after I'd finished working at two shows during Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

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