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All the best: Harold Henning on his favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The 54-year-old is the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. He lives in Kilkeel with his wife Diane and they have two sons, David (23) and Mark (20). He has a business which fabricates steel for the catering industry.

My best moment

That has to be when my sons were born, simple as that. They both had 10 fingers and 10 toes and we were just so happy about that. My sons are starting to strike out for themselves in the world - Mark is going into his third year of university and David has started working with me in the family firm.

My best song

I'm going to choose a hymn for this one - I Stand Amazed is a real favourite of mine. I think the words are very touching and really make you think.

My best way to relax

I spend a lot of time on my deputy grand master duties and find that is a great way to relax. The rest of the time, anything to do with watching sport or playing sport helps me to unwind. I also work with a lot of young people on the Northern Ireland clay target shooting scene. Otherwise, watching sport on TV when I get the chance is great - I like watching the golf when Rory McIlroy is playing. The Euros have been very enjoyable, too.

My best job

I very much enjoy the position I'm in with the Orange Order - there's a huge amount of fraternal goodwill and mutual respect in the Order throughout Ireland. My day job is running my fabrication firm - I joined the company a year after leaving school and I've been there ever since.

My best advice

Don't go looking for trouble, it will always come - those words of wisdom were given to me by Edward Stevenson, the Grand Master himself. There's no doubt about the truth of that saying - it's never been proved wrong.

My best movie

I'm not a big one for going to the cinema, but I do watch films on TV. I like big, epic movies like Titanic or The Longest Day. If Gone With The Wind was on the TV, then I'd watch that, too. I liked that the film Titanic had a role in resurrecting the interest in the real Titanic, all of which has done wonders for tourism in Northern Ireland.

My best gift

When I was born, my grandmother gave me a gold sovereign coin. It's become a very precious thing to me and I want to hand it down one day, so that it becomes something of a family heirloom. It's just something that has always been there, all my life.

My best achievement

I reckon that has been running my own business and keeping workers in jobs through some very tough times. The company fabricates stainless steel, mostly for the catering industry. I joined the firm after a year of training college and then 18 years ago bought the company out with my business partner.

My best buy

My iPhone. It's the sort of item one tends to take for granted, but it has really helped me in life. I can be very busy in work and with everything else, so having a diary, emails, sat nav and the internet available all the time is fantastic. It helps keep me organised.

My best book

The Bible, which I am able to carry with me all the time these days thanks to my iPhone. I also enjoy reading a bit of history, so another favourite is The Road To The Somme by Philip Orr; it's a very poignant read, especially this year, because of the 100th anniversary.

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