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All The Best: Jacqueline McFall


Photographer Jacqueline  McFall's book, The Album, is about mods in Belfast

Photographer Jacqueline McFall's book, The Album, is about mods in Belfast

Photographer Jacqueline McFall's book, The Album, is about mods in Belfast

The 47-year-old has just published The Album, a book of photographs of the local mod scene in the Eighties and today. Her work will be exhibited at the Black Box Green Room as part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. She lives in Belfast with her son Carl (18)

My best moment

There have been so many and they've all been recently. The first was when I showed my book to someone at a community centre and he put it on Facebook. That lead to a proper launch for it at the Ulster Hall's Group Theatre and that lead to the exhibition at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. Those and, of course, the day my son was born. That was the best moment of all.

My best song

I don't have one, I just love any thing that's Northern Soul, like Bobby Gray, Al Wilson and (below) Jackie Wilson.

My best buy

My SLR Digital Canon camera that I bought about two years ago. That's what has really brought me back to taking pictures. Before, I was just using a tiny digital camera. I'm still learning to use it – in fact I think I'll be learning for ever.

My best way to relax

I like to watch TV and crochet and I also make my own jewellery. I like to use my hands, so anything that I can do with those is relaxing.

My best job

That was years ago in London when I worked in the charity shop attached to an animal shelter. I volunteered there for a couple of years and I really enjoyed the people who came in and it felt good to be helping animals.

My best advice

The only person who has ever given me advice is my son and he knows that a lack of confidence is my biggest problem. He just told me to believe in myself and that was all I needed to hear.

My best gift

My parents gave me a 50cc Vespa for my 17th birthday. It was red and I loved it. It gave me such freedom as I would go off on runs with my friends every weekend. I then went on to get a 100cc one, then a 200cc one.

My best achievements

My new book. I published one back in 1985 called Mod Is Mod, Not Fade Away. I was putting photos in an album when my sister-in-law suggested I do another one. I did the whole thing myself, from the pictures to the design, and I'm very proud of it.

Jacqueline McFall: The Album runs at the Black Box, Belfast, from May 1-11. For details, www.cqaf.com

It's easily Quadrophenia (right). It brings me straight back to my youth in the Eighties. It has great memories for me and fantastic music.

Digital Photography For Dummies! I just carry this around with me in case I get stuck with my camera.

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