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All the best: Paulo Ross discusses his favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The 26-year-old is one of the breakfast show co-presenters for Cool FM. He lives in Belfast.

My best moment

That has to be this summer on a road trip in France to follow Northern Ireland during Euro 2016. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life to date. The Cool FM Breakfast team - Pete Snodden, Rebecca McKinney and I - drove to Nice so we could broadcast the show each morning to keep all the listeners back home up-to-date with everything that was happening. One of my best memories was 3,000 GAWA fans singing Will Grigg's Is On Fire underneath the Eiffel Tower.

My best song

It's a bit soppy but I love Drops of Jupiter by Train. There isn't a particular reason behind it, I just think it's a great song.

My best way to relax

Going to the gym is very therapeutic and one of the best ways for me to relax. I also enjoy hiking and take my toy poodle Oscar out for walks up to Divis and Cave Hill some evenings. I don't think he likes me for it too much as walking on the incline there can be quite strenuous. Sometimes when I say 'walkies' he actually tries to hide from me.

My best job

If I didn't say my best job was working with Peter and Rebecca at Cool FM every morning I would be in trouble. But I haven't always worked on radio, previously I have spent a few summers with Camp America when I was a student and was at university in Liverpool. Another job I did was working on the big wheel - I had to climb it to make safety checks every morning and I'm petrified of heights.

My best bit of advice

I can't remember who told me this particular quote but it's 'choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life'. And this certainly applies to what I am doing now. We are all very close on the breakfast show and I think it's all down to Pete as he's such a nice guy. From the moment the three of us met we got on really well.

My best gift

My granda bought me my first car when I was 17 - it was a red 1994 Renault Clio. That car got me on the road so I didn't complain. It's wonderful to get the freedom a car gives you at that age.

My best achievement

Getting the silver award for best radio presenter at this year's CIPR Media Awards. Stephen Nolan was the one who ended up winning it so I was okay with that.

My best movie

I'm a bit of a kid so on a rainy day I love to stick on a Robin Williams movie like Mrs Doubtfire. I also love Good Will Hunting and I only discovered Good Morning Vietnam a few months ago - also starring Robin Williams. I met him four summers ago when we stayed at the same hotel in New York. He was such a nice guy with lots of time for everyone.

My best buy

My dog Oscar. I've had him for a couple of years now and I would be lost without him as I wouldn't have anyone to go for walks with. He's getting a bit famous now as I talk about him on the radio and, of course, I even brought him in on bring your dog to work day.

My best book

I'm not a great reader but I like to cook so I'm a fan of Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks. He creates recipes which allow you to make healthy meals in minutes, and they're absolutely delicious.

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