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All the best: Roisin Foster on her favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The 58-year-old is the chief executive of Cancer Focus NI. She lives in Scarvagh with husband Ian and they have four children: Adam (28), David (25), Katie (20) and Laura (17).

My best moment

The birth of each of my children — I couldn’t pick one of them above the other. They’re the happiest memories for both me and my husband. We’ve been blessed with all four of them and they’re very close, nothing gives me more pleasure than that. Those connections between them will stand to them when we’re no longer here.

My best song

It’s not a very well known one but it’s a Kate and Anna McGarrigle song called Mendocino. They’re the aunt and mother of Rufus Wainwright and my sister and I would have sang this as a party piece as we grew up.

My best way to relax

Definitely gardening — I’m an obsessive gardener. We have an acre and a half and I spend as much time out there as I can.

My best job

I’ve always worked in the voluntary sector, apart from one year as a civil servant, but without a doubt the best job is the one I do now. I love the organisation and I love the work we do.

My best bit of advice

I think the thing that has stuck with me is something my late father always said. You’re as good as anybody and better than nobody. It keeps you level but it makes you aware of your rights and your place in the world. I think you give everyone else their place as well.

My best achievement

It’s probably our home. We bought an old rectory about 16 years ago that was in need of a lot of repair. My husband is an architect, so we have restored the house and made a homely place to raise our family. We did it a bit at a time as we could afford it and we’ve been very happy there.

My best buy

A petrol shredder. It makes mulch out of old branches and leaves and things, and I then use that to create paths around the garden. A tree or a branch will come down every year and instead of having to haul it off to the dump I can make use of it.

My best gift

About 10 years ago my husband bought me a greenhouse for Christmas. He left me the receipt under the Christmas tree and at first I wasn’t too impressed that my gift looked so small, until I realised what it was. The only problem was that there wasn’t any point in putting it up until spring, so I had to wait for months before I could finally use it.

My best book

I love Pride & Prejudice. It’s another thing that I can go back to time and again. I love the characters and the way it’s written — it’s so witty. It’s the kind of book I can just pick up and read any chapter whenever I like. 

My best film

The Godfather. I loved it and I could watch it over and over again.

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