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All the best: Singer Marie Lacey on her favourite things


In fine voice: Marie Lacey is passionate about music

In fine voice: Marie Lacey is passionate about music

In fine voice: Marie Lacey is passionate about music

The 58-year-old is the director of the Belfast Community Gospel Choir. She lives in Belfast with her husband Lynas and son Jonathan (28).

My best moment

It was the moment I discovered I had a son. I didn’t actually believe it at first because I had a caesarian under general anaesthetic and it was my mum who told me when I came round. I was in a bit of a daze and didn’t realise he had been born. That was the best moment of my whole life. He was a huge baby and weighed nine-and-a half pounds

My best song

I love Michael Bolton’s Soul Of My Soul which is about the relationship between parent and child — I think he wrote it about his daughter. It’s all about the child making choices and while they might not be the choices the parent would make for their child they have to let them go their own way. Every time I hear it I’m reminded of Jonathan.

My best way to relax

I get into my armchair, which fits me like a glove. It’s well worn and is the one place I can relax and unwind. I hate it when someone comes into the house and sits in it. I like to watch the TV and completely switch off.

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My best advice

It was given to me by the well-known local singer and composer, Robin Mark. He told me that the minute I lose my love for my audience, then it’s time to stop what I’m doing. He’s right, but happily when I get in front of an audience I still fall in love with them.

My best job

Before the choir I was an administrator and a part-time singer songwriter myself as well as leading choirs in my local church for about 20 years. When I turned 50 I told my husband that I was entering my golden decade and that I wanted an adventure. The choir has now being going since 2009, and there are 108 members but we only perform all together once a year.

My best gift

I got a replacement for my engagement and wedding rings recently. It’s one band with five diamonds and my husband bought it for me just over a year ago. I had always wanted just one band but I could never afford it before. It’s terrible to say it, but I love it more than my engagement ring.

My best achievement

Taking my choir on tour to New York; we had an absolute ball. There were 69 members on the trip and the best part was going to Harlem and singing in a church there, the home of gospel. I would never have dreamt in a million years that I would do that.

My best buy

I have to say it’s our house. We’ve lived here for 35 years and there will be a few tears this Friday, on January 2, as we’ll be leaving it. We’ve decided to downsize as it’s just too big for my husband and I now that Jonathan has left home. It really has been the best thing I’ve purchased.

My best book

It has to be my Bible. It’s  the best manual for my life. It’s the book of instructions for how I work. If something has broken down or I get confused or lost then I lift the Bible and find the remedy in there.

My best film

Little Women, starring June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor. It’s my number one movie — and I really love movies. I think the modern one is good but this old version is by far the best.

  • The Belfast Community Choir will be performing at Saintfield Parish on January 23, at 8pm. For details, visit www.saintfieldparish.org or go to www.bcgc.biz

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