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All the best: Trainer Maggie Pridgen's favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The 50-year-old Red Cross trainer lives in Lisburn with husband Chris. They have two children, Kerry-Anne (25) and Shaun (22).

My best moment

Up to now it would have been when my granddaughter was born. Her name is Kyria, she’s five and she’s beautiful. She’s my only grandchild and she lives across the road so I get to spend a lot of time with her.

My best way to relax

Anything to do with mountains. I’m a hill walker and I go up the Mournes every Sunday that I can. I’m even on the committee of the Mourne Rambling Group.

My best job

The one I have at the moment. It all started when I became the first aider in my workplace and over time I got more and more involved in it. I brought my kids to a first aid group when they were 10 or 12 and the lady suggested I stay and join in. I never thought that this would turn into a full-time career when I came to work for the Red Cross in 2008. I now travel around training groups and companies about first aid.

My best buy

I have a Kindle Fire and it goes everywhere with me. I use it for everything from reading to Facebook and eBay. It’s so much easier going through an airport with that instead of 10 books.

My best song

I’m originally from Glasgow which means I’m a big fan of Rod Stewart so my song is Every Beat Of My Heart. I normally listen to it when I’m going home to Glasgow but I have it in the car, on my phone, everywhere.

My best advice

Don’t try to be rich, be happy. That came from my granny who was full of that sort of advice. It played in my head when I was considering working for the Red Cross because I would be earning less money but I made the jump and I still think I have the best job in the world.

My best achievement

Going back into education. I’m dyslexic, so reading and writing have never come easy to me and I left school at 15. After being a stay at home mum I started with a food hygiene certificate and went to study a biology access course at Queen’s University. I’m still doing an NVQ through the Red Cross so I’ve been learning ever since.

My best gift

It’s a pink fold-up screwdriver that my friend bought me. I fix things or at least I have a go at it. I now have a reputation for it at work so people come to me and you’d be amazed how often you find that you need a screwdriver. No matter where I go, it comes with me.

My best book

I like anything horrific so I love the Bones series by Kathy Reichs that the TV series is based on. That's up on the shelf next to the Harry Potter series.

My best film

I’m not a massive movie buff but I love Mrs Doubtfire, starring the late Robin Williams. I love my kids to bits and I think that film shows the lengths that a parent will to go to for their kids, but in a fun way.

  • Maggie and the Red Cross will be presenting Mother Care at the Pregnancy and Baby Fair at the Odyssey Arena, this Saturday and Sunday, March 7-8. For tickets and information go to

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