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All the best: we chat to hotel chief Janice Gault

We ask local celebrities what are their most favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The 52-year-old is chief executive of the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation and lives in Belfast.

My best moment

This year in January I was in Asia for two weeks and was looking out over the sunset in Ao nang in Thailand. It was spectacular

My best song

Dance Away by Roxy Music — I’ve always been a massive Bryan Ferry fan. The first time I went to see him many years ago, that was the song he came on stage to and it’s stuck with me as a favourite ever since.

My best way to relax

It’s not very original but I love to have a glass of wine with friends. I’m sure other people unwind in more interesting ways but this is about as exciting as it gets for me.

My best job

My current role is the best job I’ve ever had. I have a degree in psychology and philosophy and I worked in Dublin in disability services. I then did a Masters in business and moved back to Belfast and I’ve been CEO of the Hotel Federation since 1995. I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years — it’s got much bigger and much more vibrant.

My best gift

That was my first cookery book, which was called The Children’s Cookery Book. It had a girl with great hair on the front of it. My mother gave it to me when I was about nine and I remember making round biscuits. There wasn’t anything terribly adventurous in it but it was a way of giving me independence. I’m still very into cooking and love making food.

My best achievement

Climbing to the top of Muckish Mountain in Donegal. It nearly killed me but my brother promised me a large amount of money if I did it, which I’m still waiting for. I had climbed it before when I was much younger. My sisters were determined that we would all do it together and we even brought champagne and glasses up to the top of the mountain.

My best buy

A window scraper to take the ice off my car. It doesn’t sound like much but I use it every day in the cold weather and it means I don’t have to use my credit card.

My best advice

That would be ‘well presented, seldom refused’. A guy who I worked for would say if you were doing a presentation and it looked good, was well-written then you will most likely get what you’re asking for. I think it applies to yourself, that if you’re well-presented and asking for something that’s reasonable, then you generally find that you will get it.

Best book

The Girl On The Train — I like thrillers and it’s the one I’ve read last that tends to stick with me. I’m also a big fan of Robert  Galbraith — otherwise known  as JK Rowling.

Best film

Some Like It Hot — it’s a real Saturday afternoon film. I’ve always thought it a  very entertaining show that  has really stood the test of time — and I love Marilyn Monroe in it.

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