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All wrapped up... this year's most sought-after toys

We hear what shoppers are snapping up for Christmas

Nerf Elite Fortnite SP-L Hasbro toy
Nerf Elite Fortnite SP-L Hasbro toy
An Owleez by Spin Master Toys
A Frozen 2 into the Unknown Elsa Doll by Jakks Pacific
Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe by Flair Leisure Products
Ruth Lockhart and Hazel Hutchinson
Audrey Lynn and Teresa Lynn
Lauren Harte

By Lauren Harte

As Belfast prepares to herald the arrival of Christmas 2019 this weekend, shoppers are already ahead of the game and stocking up on this year's most coveted toys.

With eagerly anticipated Frozen and Star Wars films on the way, Yoda from Lego and Elsa dolls are top of many lists.

Also in demand are DVD releases of Toy Story 4 and Avengers Endgame alongside perennial favourites Barbie, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, the Toy Retailers Association said.

Their annual top 12 Dream Toys list, compiled by leading retailers and toy experts, features a number of licensed products, from the Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Battle Bus and the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak.

The LOL Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper is the most expensive toy in the top 12 at £99.99 while the cheapest is a Blume Doll for £9.99.

With Christmas shopping well underway for many parents and grandparents, these top toys feature on lists for Santa Claus from homes across Northern Ireland this year.

Shoppers in Belfast city centre yesterday were on the hunt for many of them.

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Hazel Hutchinson from Broughshane was shopping for her grandchildren.

"Frozen is my four-year-old granddaughter's top thing so I'm sure that will be on her list," she said.

"I will be doing my shopping on the high street and not online but I won't be panicking.

"If I see something I know they'll really like and play with then I'll push the boat out a little bit otherwise I'll stick to a set budget of £50."

Her friend Ruth Lockhart from Belfast was looking for toys for her nieces and nephews.

Ruth Lockhart and Hazel Hutchinson

"It gets more difficult as children get older and even though you want them to get what they want, there is too much pressure and you have to be realistic," she said.

Sisters Audrey and Teresa Lynn travelled up from Dundalk to pick up a few essentials for younger family members.

"There is no pressure for us to buy specific items this year because of the ages - 11 months and 14 years old," Audrey said. "We've only just started Christmas shopping but there's no panic as it can all be done in one day."

Audrey Lynn and Teresa Lynn

Tanya Armstrong from Co Fermanagh has her Christmas shopping virtually all wrapped up.

"In the past few weeks I've spent around £100 on toys for a grandchild including some Peppa Pig.

"But I don't believe in spending huge sums of money on toys that they will only be interested in for a short time.

"Some parents do go bonkers and then end up in debt."

Anthony and Ann McMullan from Belfast bought all their toys at a Disney Store while on a recent trip to Canada.

"The kids are into Frozen and Cars so there is a lot of that purchased already," Ann said.

"We have been organised and spent about £60 on each child but always look for a bargain."

Frederique Tutt, global analyst for The NPD Group's toy division, says Christmas is worth £1bn to the UK toy industry with 30% of annual revenue being generated in the last few weeks of the year.

"With Star Wars Episode 9 and Frozen 2 at the cinema and the DVD release of Toy Story 4 and Avengers Endgame, we expect more than £1 out of £10 to be spent on film-related toys.

"These mega-movies will give a real boost to toy sales before the end of 2019."

He added: "In 2019 so far, we've seen licences drive toy sales, particularly Fortnite and movies, and to date they account for 23% of the market overall. We're expecting more of this to the end of the year, with some massive franchises due for release, including Star Wars and Frozen."

The top 10 festive gifts for children

1. Owleez £49.99

An Owleez by Spin Master Toys

2. Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super Paws Mighty Jet Command Centre £59.99

A Frozen 2 into the Unknown Elsa Doll by Jakks Pacific

3. Toy Story 4 True Talkers £17.99

4. Rizmo £59.99

5. Barbie Dreamplane Playset £79.99

6. Harry Potter Knight Bus £34.99

7. Frozen 2 Into the Unknown Elsa Doll £39.99

8. Nerf Elite Fortnite SP-L £19.99

9. Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe £44.99

Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe by Flair Leisure Products

10. LOL Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper £99.99

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