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An introduction to bingo


Everyone knows the basics to bingo and even if you have not have played it before, you will know the concept behind it. It is a hugely successful game that shows no signs of losing popularity, offering everyone an easy way to play for great cash prizes.

Originally an Italian game, bingo has been around since 1530. After the French adopted the game and made various additions, such as calling out the numbers, the game became more popular.

It then hit America in 1920, where it was known as “Beano” and played with beans. The name bingo was adopted later, with the game becoming the popular entertainment that we know and love today.

With its simple rules, as well as its increasing appearance online, the game still proves a crowd pleaser many centuries on from its creation.

The rules

The basic rules of bingo are very simple, and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The game consists of a grid pattern or 'matrix' with randomly determined numbers placed in the squares. During the course of the game, numbers are called out and you cross them off when they correspond with the numbers on your grid. This makes bingo a game of luck rather than skill, opening the game to anyone.

Prizes are given for completing various goals. Completing a line of numbers, for instance, will usually result in a small cash prize. The biggest cash prize is reserved for whoever completes a 'full house': by crossing out all the numbers on their grid.

The numbers and grids will vary with different formats. The traditional American format has 75 numbered balls and is played with a 5x5 square grid. The UK also has another variant, which consists of a 9x3 grid with 90 numbered balls.

Aside from this, the rules themselves hardly vary at all, meaning it is easy to try a different format.

Playing online

A more modern method of playing, online bingo, is vastly beating traditional halls in terms of popularity and attendance. From the various big name companies, to bingo-specific companies such as, there are lots of websites offering online bingo. The UK in particular has a strong online bingo scene, and it has been estimated that over three million people play from the comfort of their own home.

There are many reasons why this is proving so popular; not least because the Internet means that you can play day or night, fitting games more easily into your life. With the Internet, you are also always connected to other players across the globe, providing a quick and fun way to meet new people and have a good time.

With so many games online, there is now more choice than ever. From big to small games, there is something to please everyone online. Cheap entry fees and offers can also be taken advantage of, positioning the Internet as the main medium for bingo games for the foreseeable future.

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