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Andrew Dickey: 'Fishing's one of the best ways of switching off, especially on a sunny day'

We ask local celebrities what are their most favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

The 24-year-old has just been crowned World Class Irish Bartender of the Year 2016. He works as a bartender in Belfast's Merchant Hotel and lives in Newtownabbey.

My best moment

When I was playing football at an under-16 game I pulled off a double save during the Victory Shield tournament live on Sky Sports. Even at half-time they talked about the 'Dickey double save' so I was very pleased for my moment of fame at such a young age.

My best song

Otis Redding's Sitting On The Dock of the Bay. I was on my way to Dublin recently and it was the song I listened to the most. It's a really chilled-out tune that I go back to over and over again.

My best way to relax

Meeting friends for coffee, playing a round of golf or fishing. I don't get to fish much these days but it's one of the best ways to switch off especially on a nice sunny day. Just standing there on your own looking at the reflections in the water. You could be out for six hours and not get a bite, but it's still enjoyable.

My best job

Becoming a professional footballer at the age of 16 when I signed for Colchester United. It was tough living away from home in a stranger's house for two years but it was also a great opportunity. I travelled all over Europe, so I got to see a bit of the world, too. I've also been capped for my country having played for Northern Ireland. When I came home I played for Linfield then Bangor, but my heart wasn't in it - I'm actually a rugby man at heart.

My best advice

Fake it 'til you make it. A friend gave me that bit of advice when I was up for the World Class Irish Bartender competition. He believed that I could go far but also realised that I was feeling stressed about appearing. He sent me a video link featuring experienced speakers giving advice on talking in public, and that was the message.

My best movie

The most recent Batman trilogy with Christian Bale; Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. I'm a film fan but particularly like comic book-inspired movies.

My best gift

A leather jacket which was a Christmas present from my mum. I wear it all the time.

My best achievement

Winning the World Class Irish Bartender of the Year 2016 after only three years on the job. I'll be going to the global final in Miami in September. Competitions are tough - it's not just making one drink, there's a lot more to it than that. I had to complete a questionnaire on the brand portfolio and blind taste three spirits then talk about one of them for five minutes. I also had to design a sensation tray - I chose a Scottish theme.

My best buy

I hate taking public transport, so it has to be my Vauxhall Corsa.

My best book

Although I love novels, one of my favourite reads is Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold which examines the science of cocktail making rather than just focusing on the ingredients. The author covers techniques, such as why we shake instead of stir, flavour profiles and how to rapid infuse ingredients. It's a bit of a bartender's bible.

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