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'At the time of my diagnosis I didn't know much about high cholesterol'


Managing risk: Lily Graham goes out shopping for exercise
Managing risk: Lily Graham goes out shopping for exercise

By Staff Reporter

Lily Graham (75), from Belfast, was around 65-years old when she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. She says: "When I found out I had high cholesterol, I was actually at the doctor's because I had high blood pressure. It came through in the blood test that I had a higher cholesterol level than normal.

"At the time, I didn't know much about it - only that it is found in the blood, your body makes it naturally and some people have higher levels than others."

Lily was made aware of the risks of high cholesterol by her doctor.

"My doctor assured me that my cholesterol wasn't terribly high, but it was high enough to put me on medication to keep it at a regular level."

Now, Lily takes a pill called simvastatin (a medicine used to lower cholesterol) which works best when taken in the evening because the body makes most of its cholesterol at night.

She also has a yearly check-up with her doctor.

"When you're diagnosed with high cholesterol, you have to go for a liver function test once a year, which I do. My readings are always fine.

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"Alongside my medication, I take my own measures to manage my cholesterol level.

"I always try to keep my weight down by eating a healthy diet - I eat fruit and vegetables most days and I eat salmon twice a week.

"I try and get out at least twice a week to go shopping with my daughter to get some exercise.

"Every Monday, I mind my two youngest grandchildren, aged six and two, and running around after them is enough exercise for anyone!"

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