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Beach hair: Make sure you're the mane attraction

By Emma Akbareian

A summer by the sea doesn't mean that your hair has to be less than shipshape. Take some top tips from the experts with this trio of easy, low maintenance creations.

Braided updo

This may look a little more complicated than your average day at the beach need entail but it's actually fairly straightforward if you know your braids and is without a doubt the prettiest of looks.

This style was created for the spring/summer 2014 Rebecca Minkoff show in New York and was inspired by old pictures of Bianca Jagger and Frida Kahlo.

Jeanie Syfu, a Tresemme stylist, explains how to get the look: "Prep damp hair with Tresemme 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse and rough-dry. Create a messy zigzag side parting and clip to separate; from the heavier side of the part take another zigzag section behind the ear and clip, to create three separate ponytail sections." For extra volume you can back-brush each section. "Then from the ponytails create a four-strand braid and fasten with elastic.

Wrap the braids around the top of the head, tucking the end of the braids under, and fasten with bobby pins," added Jeanie.

Tousled waves

This is the look that most sums up beach hair. The trick to getting it right is to retain the messy, natural aesthetic but present it in an artful and pretty way.

"This is a strong trend this season and it's been on the radar for a while, but this time it feels as if it's being pushed a little more – the hair looks slightly drier, a little saltier, there's plenty of texture," says Sam McKnight, the global stylist ambassador for Pantene and the creator of this look for Paul Smith. McKnight simply used water to put natural movement and moisture into the hair.

Volumising mousse is a useful tool to add texture and hold in the shape.

To keep the shine in the finish, try applying dry oil, such as Pantene's version. "Delivery is so important. It's key to really move the product around and work it into your hair bit by bit to get that glossy overall finish that stays super light and fluid," Pantene ambassador Danilo advises.

Sleek pony

Perhaps the most classic of all hairstyles, the enduring, infinitely versatile ponytail is ideal for the beach.

For those who left their ponytail days behind at secondary school, think beyond dowdy updos of gym class to a far sleeker version.

Syd Hayes, L'Oreal Paris's UK hairstylist, explains how to recreate the low ponytail with a twist.

"Part your hair from a low side parting.

While your hair is still wet, squeeze about a £2 coin-size amount of L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Invisi'Hold Gel into the palm of your hand, rub them together and apply the whole way through your head, keeping the parting in place.

"Take your hair into a very low ponytail in the nape of your neck and tie this off using a hairband or a piece of elastic."

For added detail on the ponytail, Hayes says: "Wrap your hair around the pony. Pin with one fine pin or bobby pin and you're all set."

Top tips

Cathy Moran is a stylist and salon trainer for Peter Mark hairdressers in Portadown, who are the official hairdressing partners of this year's Belfast Fashion Week. Here she gives us her top 10 tips for summer hair:

1. A regular cut every six weeks will keep dead ends at bay. Especially important in the summer if you're in the sun, or if you use lots of heat on your hair, like hair straighteners. A regular trim will keep hair healthy and stop it from splitting.

2. A top product for the summer is Spray A Porter by Kerastase (£16.80). Just spray on to wet or dry hair for a beachy, tousled look – it's so easy that anyone can use it.

3. Soft Balyage Highlights are a softer version of a dip dye. They look like highlights that have grown out and make for a lovely summery look.

4. The Soleil range from Kerastase is specifically designed to protect hair from the sun, sea and chlorine. The sun can damage your hair as much as it can your skin, so this range has UV filters for protection. Any heat protection spray is a good idea before blowdrying or straightening hair.

5. Try a regular treatment at a salon every fortnight. Kerastase do a deep conditioning treatment called Aqua Oleum, which penetrates the hair and restores it from the inside out. It will last for five washes.

6. Try not to colour your own hair. It's always better to see a professional who knows what's good for your particular hair type. This reduces the risk of allergic reaction and makes sure you're using the right product for you.

7. Try a Tangle Teezer, a brush that separates the hair without breaking it. It deals with tats painlessly, so it's very good for kids, perfect after playtime outdoors!

8. Kerastase Elixir Ultime is an amazing product. Priced at £36, it's at the higher end of the market, but a little goes a long way – I use it almost every day and a bottle lasts me a year. This is perfect for a sleek look after a day at the beach.

9. For those prone to frizzy hair in humidity, Kerastase have a full range called Discipline which specifically targets frizzy, or flyaway hair.

10. The scrunchie is back – the fabric covered hair tie is nice and gentle on hair. Never, ever use elastic bands as they break the hair.

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