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Beauty: Lip-plumping gadget is a real smacker

This exciting new device is pain-free and can be carried in your handbag. Katie Strick reports

For most people, the idea of plumping your lips conjures images of duck-mouthed teenagers attempting the Kylie Jenner lip challenge with a shot glass. That, or celebrities with bruised, swollen faces after painful and expensive lip-filler injections.

But a new pain-free device promises to make your lips look fuller in three minutes and you can carry it in your handbag.

The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System, which launched in the UK this week, uses unique technology to instantly increase lip volume, enhance lip colour and boost collagen.

Users must simply apply a specially formulated serum to their mouth before holding the device's pulsating vacuum to the four corners of their lips for 10 pulses at a time. The results last for up to five hours at a time.

"It's all about safety and getting a result without going under the knife," says Emily Buckwell, brand manager of CurrentBody, exclusive stockist of the Kiss device.

Aside from lip-plumping serums and glosses, Kiss is the first product available for those wanting to experiment with fuller pouts without committing to more permanent methods, she explains. You can use it as little or as often as you like.

It's already been a massive hit in the US, says Buckwell.

The product was launched there in April and became the top-selling beauty device in luxury department store Nordstrom in its first week.

"The response has been fantastic," she says. The main reason for this is speed.

"I use so many beauty devices for my job, and even I don't tend to use them as often as I should, purely because of time," adds Buckwell. "Yet this takes two or three minutes, you've always got that time."

The safe, pain-free, at-home device takes less than three minutes to use, with results lasting for three to five hours.

For those wanting a more lasting look, daily use of the product will boost collagen and create plumped up results for as long as six weeks.

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