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Beekeepers Gathering: Putting a buzz in City of Culture

By Eddie McIlwaine

It's going to be a honey of a day in Londonderry on Saturday, September 28 when the Beekeepers Gathering goes on in the Maiden city.

The aim of the bash, says Caroline Thomson, a busybee organiser, is to remind everyone that this little honey insect is one of nature's wonders.

The show is called Culture of Bees and Us and it must be the first time there has been a buzz of a welcome like this one to the City of Culture.

Globally bees are under threat of extinction, warns Caroline, who says it is unimaginable to think that without apiarists (the folk who run the hives) there would be no bees in Ireland.

So this Bee Keepers Gathering will explore the relationship between bees and their honey and humans.

And yes, before you ask, this show will give visitors like Mayor Martin Reilly, a chance to taste the produce. Among the speakers will be Dr Dewey M Caron on the subject of Ireland's contribution to global beekeeping.

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