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Belfast fashion spy: 'Emma Watson always looks well put together'

By Kerry McKittrick

Our reporter checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty on trend people out and about.

Nihad Lahdifi (23)

Call centre worker, Toulouse

Wore what? Jacket, £35, Mim, French boutique; t-shirt, £35, Isabel Golri, French fashion label; skirt, £8, New Look; boots, £80, Mango; bag, Le Dressing Des Filles, Toulouse, £35.

Why? I love to mix and match and I would buy clothes regularly. I would say I wear a mixture of rock, casual and chic. I don't like leggings and tracksuit bottoms, though.

Who? I love the simplicity of Keira Knightley – it's like she has French taste! I don't like Kesha, though, her style is too eccentric.

  • Monthly spend £150

Lauren Turkington (20)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £12,; shoes, £10, H&M; bag, present, Guess; hat, £15, Aldo.

Why? My style changes a lot and can sometimes be a bit grungier than it is right now. I don't like really short shorts – they look too much like underwear to me.

Who? I really like Emma Watson as she always looks really well put together, but Nicki Minaj has a style that's too out there for me.

  • Monthly spend £100

Mary McCartan (49)

Civil servant, Crossgar

Wore what? Dress, £12, Dunnes Stores; jacket, £49, Rebecca Jane; shoes, £39, United Nude; bag, £20, TK Maxx.

Why? I love the sales, I'm a bargain hunter. My style is colourful and comfortable, though I rarely wear leggings as they don't flatter me.

Who? Victoria Beckham is conservative but has her own style. I don't like Madonna because she doesn't dress for her age.

  • Monthly spend £100-200

Samantha Tan (25)

Doctor, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £35, Zara; cardigan, £10, pumps, £10 both from H&M; bag, present, Prada.

Why? I normally wear doctor’s scrubs so when I get the chance I like to dress up in nice dresses. I never wear heels because I'm too tall and I can't walk in them.

Who? Kate Middleton is very classy but I think Katie Price can look a little ridiculous sometimes.

  • Monthly spend £100

Leigh-Anne English (18)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Coat, £60, boots, £35 both from New Look; top, £12, H&M; leggings, £5, Primark; bag, £45, River Island.

Why? My style is smart casual and I like a lot of black. I wouldn't go for items like jelly sandals, though.

Who? Michelle Keegan looks stunning and has a great style, but Jodie Marsh always gets it wrong.

  • Monthly spend £200

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