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Can you believe this woman can’t find a bloke? And Lisa Snowdon isn’t the only one in the SAS

Kerry McKittrick meets a quartet of glamorous Northern Ireland women who have yet to find Mr Right ... but are they really bothered about it?

There are many strings to Lisa Snowdon's bow. As a model she was the face of brands such as Gucci, Avon and Special K; as a presenter she fronted Britain's Next Top Model for five years and now partners Johnny Vaughan on Capital Radio. Lisa has taken part in Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Apprentice.

She also had a five-year relationship with one of the planet's most desirable men, George Clooney.

However, Lisa has hit the headlines recently when she revealed in a magazine interview that she fears her chance to settle down and have a family has passed her by.

At the ripe old age of 39 the model has cited the pressures of a hectic work life leaving her with no opportunity to meet that special someone.

Her lament has led to the new female phenomenon of SAS — successful, attractive but single women who have everything but a partner. Four local women reveal why they are not waiting for love to have a life.

‘If I find someone who’s worth it, I’ll keep him’

Jane McCann (40) is joint owner of Zuni Hair Salon in Belfast. She says:

Someone like Lisa Snowdon coming out and saying she might not get married is brilliant. She might not be happy about it but at least she's honest.

I've had two long-term relationships and they both lasted four years. I say that when it came time for the MOT they both failed it.

I do date but I now say that if it happens it happens and if it doesn't it doesn't.

I do know that I definitely don't want to get married.

Some of my married friends have looked at my life and told me that they're secretly jealous of me.

I've owned my own business for the last 12 years. My brother and his friend and I opened Zuni on Botanic Avenue and we haven't looked back since. This year we're in the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Final again — we've won it three times before.

My business partner Noel has also been named Northern Ireland's Hairdresser of the Year twice.

A couple of my married friends have secretly told me that I'm lucky.

I get to be selfish. I go to the gym with a trainer a lot and I love to run. I've managed both the New York and Belfast marathons. I'm very fond of New York and I go there quite a lot. I shop and get to run in Central Park.

I'll just see what happens now. If I meet someone worth keeping then I'll keep him — at least for a while.

‘Unless you relax and let fate take over it’s just not going to happen’

Anne Rodgers (36) is a life and business coach from Belfast. She says:

Finding a man is like finding the right pair of jeans. Unless you relax and let fate take over then it's not going to happen. I think some people get stressed about being single and Lisa's one of them. She just needs to enjoy her life and believe in herself.

I've had two or three long-term relationships and I was engaged. We were discussing marriage one day and realised we wanted different things.

We broke up and I think that took a lot of courage.

Relationships are important. You can't be happy with someone unless you're happy with yourself.

There are people who have a problem with me being single but I would much rather be single than have gone through the pain of a divorce.

I'm a great believer of fate so if it doesn't happen then it's not meant to be.

I see girls in bars and they don't talk to each other because they're waiting for men to chat them up. I'm too busy with my friends for that.

I've been a life coach for the last five years. I used to work in marketing and events management until I realised I wanted to open my own business and do something different.

It was through working with my own life coach that I realised it was the kind of thing that I could do well.

I came up with a three-year plan for starting my own business and owning my own house and I achieved all of my goals.

Life doesn't come with a manual so life-coaching can help you clarify who you are and how to reach your goals.

I took a year out to study — some of which I spent in Australia — before coming home and setting up shop. I now have a variety of different clients who range from business people to sports people to celebrities. It's all about selling a brand for them.

I've been lucky in that most of my clients come from referrals.

I love to travel. I've had two weeks in the Caribbean and a week in New York already this year.

I don't actually spend a lot of time in Belfast — my job can take me anywhere. I also have 14 nieces and nephews who can keep me occupied.

It is important to remember though, you are responsible for your life, so make sure your relationships add value to it.

‘I don’t go on the hunt for a man’

Lisa Millar (38) is the owner of the Beauty Culture salon and lives in Belfast. She says:

I honestly think that Lisa Snowdon needs to give herself a bit of a kick. She's only 39 and has plenty of time left — people have children well into their 40s. She needs to be optimistic — that kind of attitude is just depressing and there's hope for everyone out there.

I opened Beauty Culture about ten years ago. I had always been interested in beauty but when I left school there were only about two salons in Belfast so I became a PA instead. When I was 27 I took a year out and retrained as a beauty therapist and then opened the salon.

Since then we've won the Salon of the Year award from the Irish Beauty Professional Association and I was named Health and Beauty Consultant at the 2008 Ulster Tatler People of the Year awards.

I got married the year I was doing my training and we were married for six years. We both ran our own businesses and whenever things calmed down and we were able to take time to be by ourselves we found we didn't have that much to talk about. It wasn't very dramatic, it just ended.

I'm not particularly worried about settling down and having kids — I've never really been that interested in it.

I do date but I've been single for just over a year now and I'm not worried about it. I would much rather be on my own than be with the wrong person. I see a lot of women in my line of work and they are married with families and they're so unhappy.

I do date but I don't go hunting for men. When I'm out I don't constantly look for men because I spend time with my friends.

It would need to be a pretty good package to interest me because I'm so independent now.”

‘Never wanted to settle for a Mr Nearly Right’

Kathy McKeagney (40) is music co-ordinator at St Kieran's |Primary School, Belfast. She says:

I'm surprised that Lisa Snowdon said what she did. I want to tell her not to give up — there is plenty of hope for her yet. It goes to show though that even if you're as gorgeous as Lisa Snowdon you still have the same problems — she's like everyone else.

It's taken me a while but I've realised I have my dream job. I teach music to primary school children. At this school there's a big emphasis on music because it helps to promote self-esteem and academic standards. The programme has brought some real academic results here in the last four years.

I took a two-year career break a while ago as I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. I worked in a restaurant in America for a year and then spent a year playing in bands in Australia.

I've had two six-year relationships and although I was engaged to one of the guys it was my choice to break it off. I didn't want to get married because it wasn't right and it was better to end it than go through the pain of a divorce. I've never wanted to settle for Mr Nearly Right.

I see other people in relationships and you can see they're not right for each other. You realise as you get older that relationships aren't like a a fairytale — sometimes they won't bring you happiness.

I do date and have done internet dating but it's more for the fun than anything else. I don't have the rules of who I go out with now as I used to have.

I have a lot of hobbies — I run and walk in the hills. I get to travel a lot too because of the summer holidays I get as a teacher. I'm going to the States twice this year.

I envy people for their lives but then many people envy me for mine too.

The worst thing is when people feel sorry for you because you're single — but that's not how I feel at all

Celebrities who are unlucky in love

  • Jennifer Aniston (41) may once have been Mrs Brad Pitt but she is now footloose and fancy free — and looking more fabulous than ever.
  • Cameron Diaz (37) earns $20m per movie, can still hook hunks like Justin Timberlake, but is still single.
  • Kim Cattrall (54) may be a screen siren but the Sex And The City actress is a singleton.
  • Charlize Theron (35) has famously stated that she won’t get married until gay marriage becomes law in the United States, although she isn’t gay.

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