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Can you help solve mystery of Mary?

Can you help solve mystery

The task of solving the mystery of the life and times of sailor Annie Mary Byrne, who died in a car crash in Northern Ireland 42 years ago, is being given priority in this, the centenary year of the Wrens.

Leading Wren Annie (21) was killed in the accident on August 29, 1975. She was home on leave from the naval training depot HMS Raleigh in Cornwall when the car in which she was a passenger was involved in an accident.

Ex-seaman Mark Jenkinson (59), who spent six years in the Royal Navy and is now in business in Sweden, has been trying in vain to find out more about Annie, who is in a Wren Book of Remembrance on display in St Mary's Church on The Strand in London.

"She has simply disappeared from the records," Mr Jenkinson explains. "It isn't known where this young woman is buried.

"Were her remains brought back to England for a ceremony? Or did her parents - of whom we have no knowledge, either - have her funeral in Northern Ireland?"

If the name of Leading Wren Annie Mary Byrne sounds familiar, please get in touch.

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