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Cheshire Housewives: 'We like chips with our salad'


The Real Housewives Of Cheshire

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire

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The Real Housewives Of Cheshire

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is proving so successful, it's even been name-checked on Corrie. Susan Griffin chats with the cast.

Ampika Pickston (34)

Outgoing Ampika loves nothing more than flashing the flesh and believes she'd make a brilliant Bond girl "because I'm certainly hot". The single mother-of-one owns her own beauty salon.

How is it being back?

"I'm absolutely ecstatic. It's definitely gone up a level this series and there's a lot more drama, glamour and more secrets are revealed. It's all action-packed."

What do you think you bring to the show?

"I'm very much the extrovert. I'm the extremist. I'm weird and wonderful, very passionate, but also very ferocious. I definitely bring fire and drama wherever I go."

Leanne Brown (40)

Leanne's married to Sunderland defender Wes and they have three daughters.

What's your favourite moment this series?

"My birthday party was my favourite thing because, obviously, I had an amazing time - it was my big 4-0. I worked really hard to look as good as I could and make it an amazing party. I had the best time. I could do it every single week."

What do you bring to the show?

"I'm quite outgoing and I speak my mind if I feel that I need to. We're all similar in the sense that we all have something to say."

Misse Beqiri (29)

Newcomer Misse was scouted by a model agency while working in a clothing shop. She's married to footballer Anders Lindegaard and has a three-year-old son.

What does someone need to be a Housewife?

"You have to be interesting, have a good personality, be someone that other people can relate to. Being a Housewife is not all glamour, there are battles, jealousy and a lot of hate."

Seema Malhotra (44)

Newbie Seema's lived in Cheshire for more than 30 years and is Design Director at luxury fashion brand Forever Unique, which she runs with her husband of 23 years, Sandeep. They have two sons.

How have you been getting on with your cast mates?

"I have known them for a long time, be it through my business or the kids at school, and I've loved getting to know them more."

What's been the most memorable aspect of this series?

"Probably all the travelling and the fact that I have been able to show the girls my life and they can experience it with me."

Stacey Forsey (40)

New addition Stacey's married to businessman Dave Forsey and has two children.

How would you describe yourself?

"I'm not feisty, I'm not a bitch. I can certainly hold my own and be very opinionated if I believe in something."

What would you say to people who find the spending offensive?

"I totally get that. I'm very humble myself. I come from a working-class family and you'll see on the show I appreciate everything I have and don't take any of it for granted."

Tanya Bardsley (34)

The former FHM model is now a life coach, businesswoman and author, and is married to Stoke City Defender Phil. She has three children with another due this summer.

More fights this series?

"There have been a lot of clashes. The dynamic's changed with the new housewives and there are more of us, so more drama."

Do you see yourself leaving the show?

"I enjoy it too much. And I've always been a Corrie fan, so to be mentioned on there was just amazing."

Dawn Ward (42)

Dawn's an interior designer who lives with her husband, former Man City footballer Ashley and their four daughters.

Has the success of the show surprised you?

"I'm gobsmacked. To hear Khloe Kardashian's a fan, you have to pinch yourself. Now they're stuck with me."

Lauren Simon (43)

Lauren's been married to businessman Paul for 12 years and they have two daughters. She spends her life moving between their homes in Marbella, Florida and Cheshire.

What do you think is the appeal of the show?

"We're real women. We're lucky to have glamorous lives, but we like a portion of chips with our salad. When I get bored, I do stupid things, but I think I've been quite well-behaved this series."

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire, ITVBe, Monday, 10pm

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