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Clubs: Forget ladies in red... it's big beats from Chris' son


Huey Morgan

With Chris de Burgh as his dad, it's little wonder that Hubie Davison has chosen a career in music.

But instead of romantic ballads about ladies in red, Hubie has focused his attentions on electronic sounds and sometimes-euphoric, sometimes-brooding beats.

Having first come to attention with disco-infused house track Sanctified, he's now an in-demand DJ on the live circuit as well as in the studio.

For details, visit Facebook: The Art Department.

Huey Morgan, The Limelight, Belfast

Tonight, 10pm

Fun Lovin' Criminal Huey Morgan may be one of the voices of respectable Radio 2, but his edgy side still hits the outer reaches of funk, soul, disco and hip-hop.

For details, visit www.limelightbelfast.com.

Luke Solomon, Thompson's Garage, Belfast

Tomorrow, 9pm

Stereo Sessions is one of Belfast's longest-running house nights and it's easy to see why it scores in terms of longevity and popularity with bookings like Solomon. He took quirky house music into the UK Top 10 and has an impressive record of creating musical scenes.

For details, visit Facebook: Stereo Sessions.

Surgery Wednesdays, Plastik, Belfast

Wednesday, 10pm

The student scene just got a lot more interesting with the launch of Surgery, and the new mid-week party sees DJs blasting out R&B, hip-hop, house and electro.

For details, visit Facebook: Plastik.

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