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Considered displays that speak to you on an uncomplicated level

Autumn Group Show by Gormleys Fine Art, Belfast Gallery, Lisburn Road, Belfast , Until Nov 30

Drawing inspiration: Ian Pollock’s This Could Be Your Lucky Day
Drawing inspiration: Ian Pollock’s This Could Be Your Lucky Day

By Elizabeth Baird

Art serves many purposes, not least of which is simple pleasure to the eye and to the soul. Often we find images that are presented to do just that, but are considered less important, merely decorative daubings and not worth more than a passing glance. How wrong is that? Art has a tremendously important role to play in our lives. It is there to question, to challenge and to make bold statements about society and our world, and in so doing has made changes for the betterment of mankind.

The Gormley’s seasonal group shows are great examples of just such art.

Nineteen artists are on show, with Sandra Bell’s cast bronze pieces among the highlights. They have that wonderful Art Deco tension and fluidity, especially The Gift III which stands rather like an archer’s bow about to be released.

Ian Pollock’s, This Could Be Your Lucky Day a crow standing on one corner of a dice, is both threatening and exciting — exactly how you might feel before your last roll.

Eugene Conway’s country views always lift your spirit.

Representationally precise in their painting, they appear to take you to that point just around the corner, you’re nearly there — it’s pure escapism.

Paul Donaghy’s flowers, once again, painted in such a way as to leave the viewer an opportunity to finish the piece and make the painting their own.

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All of these images are designed to communicate with ease, to offer you —the viewer — something pleasing and relaxing. A purely enjoyable experience.

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