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Cordials have grown up for Dry January

Wine writer Matthew Jukes has designed a pair of premium non-alcoholic cordials. He spills the details to Sam Wylie-Harris


Flavour profile: Matthew Jukes

Flavour profile: Matthew Jukes


Jukes Cordialities 1 and 6

Jukes Cordialities 1 and 6



Flavour profile: Matthew Jukes

Throughout his 30-year career, Matthew Jukes says he's never been able to find a sophisticated, grown-up, non-alcoholic, dry and involving drink that's genuinely satisfying.

"Which is one of the reasons I created Jukes Cordialities - to reward the palate when we are not drinking alcohol," he says. Jukes 1 and Jukes 6 are designed to be mixed with still, sparkling or tonic water and, he promises, "have superb richness of flavour and length on the palate".

"At fewer than 18 calories per glass when diluted, there's no need to sacrifice depth and complexity when you're keeping an eye on your calories," he adds. Great news if you're cutting down or giving up booze for Dry January, too. Here's what happened when we cornered Jukes to talk tipples for two minutes.

Your desert island drink would be...

"If it were possible to have a fridge on the island, I would drink chilled whites and reds. My island would be well stocked with fish so I would have wines that went well with that food."

If you're drinking tea, it has to be...

"Green, herbal, oolong, black, and others, too. I love the complex flavours of tea, but I haven't drunk milk in tea for over 40 years. I don't like the flavour."

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Ice is important because...

"I like freshly made ice, which might sound odd ... bags of ice often taste flat and lifeless. I also love transparent ice, made from double-boiled water - it looks awesome in a cocktail."

When making cocktails for friends, you always serve...

"We're a wine household, so we don't have an extensive drinks trolley. A G&T is always on offer for those who would like one, but we are more likely to be drinking manzanilla sherry or a German riesling than a mojito."

The booze you cannot stand...

"You couldn't pay me enough to drink Kahlua, an Irish coffee, eggnog, and any other creamy, eggy, slippery alcoholic drinks."

Jukes 1 Giftbox and Jukes 6 Giftbox (9 x 30ml bottles) are £35 each. For more info, visit jukescordialities.com

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