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David Campbell on his special relationships

The 49-year-old former Northern Ireland international footballer from Strathfoyle is being portrayed in the film Shooting For Socrates at the Belfast Film Festival. He now lives in Liverpool with his actress partner Lorraine Sass. Together they run the soccer school, David Campbell Soccer Ltd.

My partner, Lorraine

I was playing for Nottingham Forest when I was 21 and was invited to a show at the Nottingham Playhouse where Lorraine was appearing. After the show Lorraine, who is from Liverpool, came walking down the staircase in a dress covered in diamante and with shoulder pads, looking like something out of Dynasty. I thought to myself, "She looks beautiful". That was 29 years ago.

Lorraine has been the constant in all my ups and downs with football and the business. She has an amazing personality and does a lot of charity work - she was awarded Merseyside Woman of the Year a couple of years ago.

Best friend, Connor Nicholl

I've known Connor from growing up in Derry. Although I went to Nottingham to play football when I was 15, Connor was part of the crowd when I went back home. He's still in Derry and is a businessman now.

It's good that I still have mates in Northern Ireland - the stick I'll be getting at the film screening will be unbelievable. That's what I love about them - there are no airs or graces so I still get all the silly nicknames they gave me as kids.

My parents, James and Ellen

I lost my dad to cancer in February last year. He loved the idea of the film and it was something for him to focus on. The director sent rushes over to him so he could watch them on the laptop - there is even a character playing him in the movie. He'll be with us in spirit tonight at the screening, I have no doubt about that.

My dad worked at a power station and mum worked at Austin's department store in Derry. She's retired now and has become very independent.

I have two sisters, Jacqui and Belinda, and a brother called Martin. I'm the youngest of the lot.

Everyone is still close to home and we're a very close family, even more so since my dad died.

Person I go to for advice

It's definitely Lorraine. I was a professional footballer when I suddenly broke my leg, and overnight my career was finished. She's seen the highs and lows with me.

She probably knows me best because she always seems to be right and fair.

I also seek out Lorraine's brother Graeme Sass when I need some wise words.

My mentor, Brian Clough

Brian was my manager at Nottingham Forest.

I was 15 when I joined and he took me under his wing. I think he taught me as much about how to conduct yourself away from football as he did about football itself.

It was all about the responsibility of being a professional footballer.

My secret celebrity crush

Marilyn Monroe. She was a real icon and I feel she had a lot of secrets that we'll never know about.

She was a lovely looking lady and I think there was more depth to her than people realise.

Fantasy dinner party

Mohammed Ali would be my first guest. He was the best boxer in the world as well as being the most charismatic genius. He could hold an audience.

Then I would have to ask George Best. I was lucky enough to play in a testimonial game with him in Belfast. As soon as George walked into the changing room it went quiet. He was a legend in the world of sport.

Next, I would ask Winston Churchill as I've always been fascinated by the Second World War.

Finally, my last guest would be Gandhi -what he achieved was incredible.

  • Shooting For Socrates will be on screen tonight at Belfast's Waterfront Hall. For tickets and information go to

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