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David Emanuel: From dressing Diana to surviving cancer and a stint in the jungle, what's he got designs on now

In Northern Ireland tomorrow to open the Belfast Telegraph Holiday World Show, David Emanuel reveals some star secrets and the next TV shows he'd love to appear on. By Una Brankin

Women everywhere are speculating on how actress Jane Seymour – who has admitted only to an eye-lift and modest implants – manages to look so good at 62. Her friend David Emanuel has a one-word answer: genetics.

"She's one of the few women to keep her figure from her youth – she's very busy running about but yes, it's genetic," says the former royal designer. "She does a bit of exercise but she's not manic about it. She looks great, ageless – and she's a hoarder. She has kept clothes for up to 20 years – she says, 'Oh they'll come back into fashion,' and I have to say, 'Yes Jane, but in a different way.' So I made Ms Seymour have a big clear out at her home in California and she gave a load of stuff to charity, which they were very glad of."

The I'm A Celebrity runner-up – who will be in Belfast tomorrow to launch the Belfast Telegraph Holiday World Show at the King's Hall – hasn't managed to keep his own once-slender physique, but he has succeeded in keeping off the two stones weight he shed in the Australian jungle in December. Down the line from London he's full of chat about his time on the show and comes across every bit as charming as he did on the small screen.

"It was the best diet in the world – nothing special and very cheap," he trills, sounding more BBC English than his native Welsh. "A couple of spoonfuls of rice and beans, like bullets, that had been boiled all day. If we won stars we'd get vegetables and some meat – kangaroo steak or possum – which is disgusting, so it was a really low food intake over three weeks.

"I nearly pipped Christopher Biggins – he lost almost two and a half stone when he took part in I'm A Celeb ... I feel fabulous, and the idea is to keep it off. The stomach actually shrinks you know. When we got out Kian Egan (the Westlife singer who won the reality show) ordered pizza and a triple burger and I ordered salmon and steak but after two mouthfuls I was full. It's like a gastric band has been fitted – yes!"

So what did he think of the porcine privates?

"I wouldn't advise anyone to eat pig's penis, or a sea worm – did you see that? When ITV in

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