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DJ Ibe Sesay on his special relationships


Spin doctor: Citybeat DJ Ibe Sesay

Spin doctor: Citybeat DJ Ibe Sesay

Spin doctor: Citybeat DJ Ibe Sesay

The 34-year-old is a Citybeat DJ and will be hosting Friday Night Fever at Cafe Vaudeville every Friday night. He lives in Lambeg, Co Antrim with his wife Colleen and their children Katie (12), Mollie (9), Stephen (5) and Daniel (4).

My wife, Colleen

We met in the M Club in Belfast as I was a DJ there. We just hit it off straight away. She works as a self-employed make-up artist, which is something she can work around looking after the kids.

We're very alike and are into the same things like music and wine.

My children

We both wanted a big family – although maybe not quite so big! Katie has just started at Rathmore and has a keen interest in music and drama and is a keen shopper, just like her mum.

Mollie's very outgoing and Stephen would also talk the leg off a stool. Daniel is the youngest and is infatuated with Michael Jackson, just like I was when I was younger. Our house is very busy – it's go, go, go from 7am until everyone goes to bed. Words can't describe what it was like becoming a father. I wanted a wee daughter and I got her, and then we ended up with two of each.

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My best friends

These would be my cousin Conor McGarrity, and Declan Fennell and Mark Brand. We all know each other through our love of cars and working and talking about them. Now Declan is a builder, Conor works for Shorts and Mark still works with cars.

All of them have a family and career to look after, but occasionally we still get to hang out together.

My parents, Gerardine and Ibe

My dad is a scientific officer at the Industrial Science Centre in Lisburn and my mum is a nurse for the Ulster Independent Clinic in Belfast. I have a younger brother, Abdul, who owns a chain of pizza shops.

My dad is originally from Sierra Leone in Africa and came to study at Queen's in the late 1970s, which is when he met my mum. The rest is history.

My dad obviously is quite academic and I was encouraged down that road but they've always been very supportive of what I wanted to do .

My secret crush... Beyonce

Pamela Anderson was on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager but now my crush would be Beyonce. I love her energy and the fact that she's an all-round entertainer.

Who I go to for advice

Ian McCue, who is one of my best childhood friends. We shared a residency at Chesters Nightclub, and have been very close since then.

It doesn't matter what the problem is, Ian is the one that knows what to do. He's not shy about coming forward so he'll dispense the advice straight away.

My mentor, Eric Dowds

Eric actually worked as a lab technician in my school, St Patrick's Academy in Lisburn, but he also did a lot of DJing, particularly in the Eglantine Inn, in Belfast. I went down each weekend and he took me under his wing and I got more and more involved.

We still work together very closely.

My fantasy dinner party

First of all I would ask Will Smith. I've always been a big fan of both his music and his acting. Then I would ask Barack Obama because it would be cool to have the US president there. Next it would be Michael Jackson as I've been a lifelong fan and maybe he would teach me how to dance properly. Finally, I would ask Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans. I grew up listening to him on Radio 1 and I listen to his show now. I also read his biography and he can tell some stories!

  • Evenings with Ibe Sesay is on Citybeat, Friday to Saturday, from 6-10pm. For details, visit www.citybeat.co.uk. For further information on Friday Night Fever at Cafe Vaudeville, visit www.cafevaudeville.com

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