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Drawing on faded old memories

By Eddie McIlwaine

Are you talented with a pencil? I only ask because of a drawing competition I spotted in a magazine. Problem is, if you do have a sketching talent it's years too late to enter.

The magazine which carried the details of the British and Dominions School of Drawing comp was a faded copy of the Radio Times, published in 1938.

The top award was £20 and the cash offers went right down to seventh place at 10 shillings.

Anyway, back in '38, competitors were asked to draw their version of an old chap puffing on his pipe using a pen or pencil. And they had to include in the envelope containing their entry a sixpenny postal order so that the School of Drawing could send them a booklet on the subject of producing a drawing, according to professional artists. I wonder if the school still exists.

How did I come by that ancient copy of the BBC Radio Times which was devoted mostly to the wireless? It belonged to an old uncle, Ian Watson, in Stirling, who never threw anything out. There were a couple of pages featuring shows which the BBC was screening as a limited series of programmes just before the Second World War.

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