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DVD releases: A macabre murder mystery

The Limehouse Golem (Cert 15, 109 mins)

By Damon Smyth

A series of slayings in the back alleys of Victorian-era London, attributed to an elusive figure nicknamed The Golem, baffles Scotland Yard.

Inspector John Kildare (Bill Nighy) is promoted to lead investigator, primarily to take the fall when police fail to apprehend a suspect.

"The public wants blood, The Golem provides it," ruefully notes Kildare to Constable George Flood (Daniel Mays).

As the case gathers pace, evidence focuses attention on four suspects: journalist John Cree (Sam Reid), music hall performer Dan Leno (Douglas Booth), novelist George Gissing (Morgan Watkins) and philosopher Karl Marx (Henry Goodman).

Kildare's gut instinct points to Cree. He was recently murdered by his wife Elizabeth (Olivia Cooke) and the inspector surmises that she glimpsed her husband's dark side and poisoned John to end his reign of terror.

Adapted from Peter Ackroyd's novel, Juan Carlos Medina's macabre murder mystery sustains the element of surprise and doesn't stint on blood and gore.

Scriptwriter Jane Goldman employs sleight of hand to keep us guessing about the murderer's identity right up until the big reveal.

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