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Emma Stone: 'We all want a hero, someone to pick us up and say it's going to be okay'

Emma Stone

You're dating your Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield. How does it feel to have a genuine superhero on your arm?

I think everyone wants a hero. Everyone wants someone to pick them up and tell them it's all going to be okay because we're all flailing about the place.

There is always that feeling that we want someone to save us from all of this.

And what do you admire most about him?

Andrew is an incredibly passionate person and is so incredibly talented, and that is amazing to work with.

I learn a lot from him, because he is so free and full of understanding of every aspect of his character. You could sit and do improv with him on the Spider-Man characters for hours. He'd know everything.

You broke through in Hollywood around the same time as Andrew, with the film Easy A. Was that a big change for you career-wise?

In terms of opportunities, that was the most major experience I have had thus far. It was pivotal.

I had no idea it'd do so much for me; I just fell in love with that character.

I fought so hard to play her and I felt I understood her experience and where she was coming from.

What was it like working with (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb?

Marc has a completely different sensibility than most superhero movie directors. He loves love.

Perhaps that's me being biased because I am involved in the love story side of the movie, but that aspect is really warm and present in him. He is very allowing of the love story.

The romantic story in the new Spider-Man movie runs with the theory that if you love someone you might need to let them go. Would you agree?

That's definitely an aspect that is present in the film. If you know you love somebody, and if that's the person you want to be with, don't waste time up in your head, and thereby confusing what is happening in your heart.

It's a good lesson for whoever is seeing this movie at whatever age, to know you can't waste time.

I am guilty of that on days, thinking that there is so much time that I can do this or that later on. But now is the only time and that is a big lesson in love.

You've achieved much already in TV shows such as Medium and Malcolm in the Middle, and films like Superbad and Crazy Stupid Love. But you've also proven your comedy talents, haven't you?

I've been able to do a couple of comedies this year, which were a lot of fun. Comedy will always be my first love, and my ambition is always to do more.

Is starting a family also an ambition?

I would like to have a family, I don't know when and how many. I don't know what's going to happen. But it's something I would really like. It would be lovely.

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