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Fair warning to those who might consider transplanting parsley

By Eddie McIlwaine

You should never transplant parsley, according to experienced gardener William Archibald, of Banbridge. "I'll destroy and dig up a parsley bed, but it is unlucky to move the roots to a new patch." So he never does.

This parsley tradition dates back to the 19th century and many country folk claim bad luck will follow a transplant, although William is vague about the form it could take.

Parsley used to be an antidote for poison and it is also supposed to have the curious property of weakening glass.

If a tumbler is rinsed in water in which parsley has been washed, it will break under even a little pressure, according to an old tale.

If you want to try this theory out be sure to pick a glass that nobody cares about - just in case.

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