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Fist Fight review: Macho tale fails to land a punch


By Damon Smith

On the last day of term at Roosevelt High School, senior students are running amok, playing pranks on staff including beleaguered principal Tyler (Dean Norris).

History teacher Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) loses his cool with one student (Austin Najur) and swings a fire axe at the joker's desk. Mild-mannered English teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) witnesses the destruction and the two teachers are summoned to Tyler's office, where Andy's version of events leads to Ron getting fired.

Dim-witted PE teacher coach Crawford (Tracy Morgan) and school counsellor Holly (Jillian Bell), who lusts inappropriately after older boys, rally to Andy's seemingly hopeless cause.

Fist Fight is a misfiring comedy of pointless macho posturing, which is as much fun as repeated kicks to the nether portions.

One star

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