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Five of the best yoga bolsters

We test a selection of the leading health-related products and accessories for our readers.


This bolster comes in a choice of colours, all with gold trim, but the ocean green is thought to encourage calmness and balance. Try a supported child’s pose to elongate the spine.


Hugger Mugger

These handmade bolsters are stuffed with a foam core and cotton batting designed so they last a long time without sagging and help you maintain the structural integrity of poses.



Sunshine yellow to lift the mood and clear the mind, and designed with the handle in the middle (instead of on the end) for easy carrying. The name ‘basaho’ means ‘just be’ in Hindi and the cushions are perfect for some balancing meditation practice.


Blue Dove Yoga

If you find an absence of colour calming, this organic cotton monochrome cushion is the perfect addition to your zen environment. Place under your spine in saddle position for deep internal hip rotation.


Mad HQ

Buckwheat hull stuffing means firm support which moulds to your body and doesn’t break down with use. If you have lower back pain, place under your knees in savasana at the end of your practice.


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